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What do you normally wear on ‘Casual Fridays’ at work? Most companies give the okay for jeans and more relaxed looks and while I am always for that, I still tend to follow my own dress code and lean towards a more polished look. For me, this means no denim with holes at the knees, no flip flops, and no tank tops. The obvious stuff. Each company culture is different however, but here’s an example of what I’ve worn on a casual Friday minus the heels. I prefer a nude pair of flats during the day. The heels would be something I’d change into if hubby and I decide to meet up for date night right after work.

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Keeping a substantial amount of classic items in my closet is just a given for me at this point in my life. As a woman who is a day time professional and likes to have a little fun on the weekends, I love adding pieces to my wardrobe that not only mix well with items I already own, but also have the ability to translate from work to off the clock effortlessly. I think those of you who have been readers here on Styled Chic for awhile know that for me. I love keeping classics in my wardrobe because their ability to transcend time.

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Hey guys!  Welcome back!  Since my last post I've been taking the time to really get inspired offline and discover new found interests.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the online world; especially when you are a blogger.   I always like to step back when it no longer becomes fun, because for me,  that's what its all about.  Fun!  

Since it's been a little while, I wanted to come back with a recap of event I hosted recently. 

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