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Last month, in early December, Will and I celebrated 5 years of marriage together. We talked about how we wanted to do something really special and decided we would travel to Chicago to celebrate! We have always been curious about this major city in the Midwest + there were so many festive things to do during the month of December for the holidays. We figured it would be super romantic to spend the weekend in the cold windy city!

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Just a few months ago, my husband and I decided to go on a much needed vacation. Now that I think about it—before this, we hadn’t had a real vacation alone since before we were married; which was over 7 years ago. We didn’t plan a honeymoon after our wedding. Honestly, we had other priorities and responsibilities following the wedding and into the next few years that we wanted to focus on that was just way more important to us. After our move and finally feeling more settled in our new city and home; we realized we were long overdue for a trip away.

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