I’m finishing up my 2nd work week with my new agency and things have been going great! As you all know with the start of a new job, most days are packed with meeting new faces, learning new policies and procedures, the in’s and out’s of your new role, along with a slew of other things. Between that and maintaining things at home, I’ve been busy. Some days may even feel like a blur, but I’ve been doing a really great job at staying organized throughout the process. With all that’s going on the last thing I want to be worried about is what I’m going to wear to the office that day. With a new office comes a slightly different culture and while most state agencies implement business/business casual attire, it can definitely vary with where you are.

Anytime I start a new job, naturally, I like to update my work wardrobe. You all know I’m a firm believer of “When you look good, you feel good”; so why not start off a new job with a few fresh and polished outfits? I live by the idea of making my mornings simple. Gone are the days I spent earlier in my career scrabbling and rushing all because I didn’t have what I wanted to wear prepped. (It still happens from time to time, but let’s keep that between you and me ;) )

When I’m going through my closet, I like to look for worn or discolored items to replace. There’s something about a new blouse with a fresh pair of chic trousers that makes me feel off to a great start and that I can truly tackle the day. Lately I’ve been adding items in styles and colors that are outside of the norm of my typical work pant and blouse norm because I just want different.

Even if you aren’t starting a new job, every few months is a good timeline to refresh your workplace wardrobe. I’ve been doing a little online shopping and popping into a few stores on the weekend to see what’s new and chic to add to my closet.