I hope you all are doing well this work week! I am so motivated and geared up because this is a very exciting time for me! Back in January, I made a post about my professional goals. In it I shared all about my process and making it a priority to set these goals for the year. Any time of the year is a great time to self-evaluate; however for me personally, I prefer having a clean slate of the new year to motivate and push me into execution of bringing those goals into fruition. That means getting clear about what I want, getting organized, creating a plan, setting deadlines, and finally following through.


Part of my process that I also shared in the post included tracking my progress. For me that means checking in every few months to evaluate how things are going. I think it’s a great idea to check in with yourself each quarter. Well, we are now into the 2nd quarter of the year and I am very pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a job offer with a new state agency!!

Now, planning out your professional goals for the year may not always include reevaluating your future with your current employer. However, I believe in doing what not only makes sense financially, but also for your future. The last thing I want to do is become stagnant at this point in life. This is something that I keep in mind not only when it comes to my career, but also with life in general. Excelling, moving forward, and expanding my work portfolio is a major focus for me. I am so pleased that after careful consideration I was able to look at my options and choose the best fit!


I am now working with my state’s coordinating body for higher education. In my new role, I will be assisting the agency’s Finance & Budget Director in all phases of financial management including internal controls. I am extremely excited and elated for this new chapter in my professional career and am looking forward to being apart of a thriving agency!

Now let’s get into this work look shall we?


I am often drawn to stripes for professional work wear. This dress happens to be my favorite because of the fit and style. A wrap dress will forever remain Queen when it comes to my preferred dress style for many reasons. First, it compliments my shape well. Second, it fits the bill of easy sophistication and class. I can wear it to work, with hubby for one of his work events, or to church. It’s the perfect length (hits just below the knee)—which is business appropriate and also fits my signature style.

This dress is just an easy outfit. It’s like a one and done that requires zero effort other than throwing it on and going. Black and white are the easiest colors to coordinate so I don’t need to spend time finding shoes or accessories that correctly match. Ideally I’d wear this dress on my first day at my new job or for a conference or meeting.



What were some of the goals you set in the beginning of this year? What’s your progress looking like? Personally, I’m putting my hand to the plow and making things happen. In the last 5 years of my accounting career, I’ve made it a point to plan and track my professional development. Now, I am entering into a new level of financial management and I couldn’t be more pleased! I think it’s really important to plan and list professional goals not only with senior executives and management within your field, but with yourself first. The ball is in your court. What do you want? When you decide to put forth the initiative, take charge into the direction you want to go, and actually follow through in your career—that is the point in which you will see a difference. I’m not one to stay on a road that leads to nowhere. I’m constantly looking to grow and reach higher heights. At least until I’m satisfied and proud of where I’m at.

I’m continuing to set out to do everything I said that I would. With work, effort, dedication, and patience things are falling into place as they should. I challenge you to get to it and do the same.