For our stay in Chicago, The Blackstone Hotel was the perfect choice! It's located on Chicago's Cultural Mile and right down the street from Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. This hotel is known as the “Hotel of Presidents” and has hosted US presidents, foreign dignitaries, political and mob exchanges, actors and more!

FUN FACT: It hosted Al Capone every time he was in the city. He even had his own barber chair where he used to get his grooming! With new renovated rooms and modern updated furniture, you definitely feel super luxurious vibes. Our room had the a perfect view of Lake Michigan & Grant Park, which made for an amazing view during sun rise!


When we arrived to our room, we were greeted by a clean, fresh, organized space—it made us feel very welcomed and most importantly comfortable to just take off our shoes and relax. I’m a stickler when it comes to cleanliness of hotels because you can never be too sure. However, this was not the case with The Blackstone!. Our room was so comfortable and modern. The decor including the chic lighting fixtures and hanging art by local artists along made for the perfect ambiance. The bedding and linens were always fresh. We had absolutely no complaints!


The comfort and experience that we felt was definitely one to remember. Amazing beds are essential for a hotel stay and we slept good! We took advantage and slept in most mornings. I overindulged in reading and made sure to catch at least one sunrise during our stay. I also made sure to bring along my favorites in sleepwear and fragrance. I always felt so refreshed and luxurious waking up each day.




Our room was amazing, but the spacious marble bathroom was icing on the cake. We were greeted each day with a super clean space and fresh towels. I loved getting ready in this bathroom. The lighting was perfect and there was enough countertop space for both mine and Will’s toiletries. I like to unpack my make-up and perfume to keep on display, so this was important : ) Check out the paisley wallpaper that made for the perfect background to an IG selfie!


We hit up happy hour a few nights of our stay as well. There is a mini bar in the lobby with a bartender that makes craft cocktails available for purchase for the guests that are chilling and waiting by the grand fire place or coming back for the night. Our first night we enjoyed champagne and other nights we enjoyed whiskey cocktails and margaritas. Isn’t the lobby stunning?


After a full day of sight seeing one day, we spent an evening taking advantage of the convenience of having a restaurant just downstairs. We grabbed an early dinner and drink at Mercat A La Planxa and loved it. It was such a great atmosphere. Even though I would have preferred larger portions with some of the appetizers, we did right by ordering burgers with fries for our main dish. So tasty and satisfying!


Needless to say, our stay at the Blackstone was amazing! I’m not sure about you, but I think it’s extra special when you feel like you have a home away from home when you travel. The service with our stay made us so spoiled. We hated to say goodbye! The Blackstone will definitely get a future stay out of me on my next visit to the Windy City!