StyledChic: Evening Glow with L'Occitane En Provence

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Evening Glow with L'Occitane En Provence

No matter how busy my day is, you guys know I thoroughly enjoy winding down at home after work hours.  I'm making it a habit in sharing all of my "at home spa" rituals with all the luxurious products I use included.  More recently I've created a routine that's quick and to the point.  Allowing for me to have my hair prepped (naturally curly hair routine) and in my pjs in just an hour after getting home.  I figure the sooner I can get my makeup off and get in and out of the shower; the more time I can relax on my computer in bed.  

I find that using the right kinds of products, such as oils and rich body creams, are definitely a huge help to get me relaxed and prepared for a good night's rest.  One of my favorite beauty brands--L'Occitane was kind enough to send over a box full of goodies to help with my down time!  Here's a few ways to help you get your evening glow and have you ready for your evening turn down:


We are still experiencing snow and lots of dry air so I've been using the Almond Shower Oil pretty much every night.  It cleanses, hydrates, and nourishes the skin.  It smells and feels super luxurious.  I often like to pour on extra product for a nice lather.  I  also like to use thicker body creams to set into my skin.  I like to apply my body cream while my skin is still a little damp from the shower.  I feel like doing this really locks in the moisture.  The Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream is such a treat!  It intensely nourishes, helps protect skin from dryness, and moisturizes for up to 72 hours.  The richness of this body cream is a dream and the best part about it is that it isn't greasy!  Take a look at the whipped magic in the photo above.  The scent is also heavenly--soft, yet lingering.  

Face Oil

I moisturize by facial skin twice a day, but at night I like to use a heavier oil to treat my skin while sleeping.  The Immortelle Divine Youth Oil helps to combat signs of aging.  My skin has done really well with this product.  I always get tons of compliments of me looking more like I'm in my twenty's rather than early thirties.  So while I'm not necessarily aging in my skin--I'd like to keep things that way.  This oil is exquisite.  I feel like I'm having a spa experience using it.  The oil really melts into your skin without leaving a filmy greasy feel.

Hand Cream

The Shea Butter Hand Cream has become an essential throughout the day when I'm on the go and especially at night.  It has definitely become my beauty must have.  Normally I climb into bed and reach over to my night stand and apply this product to my hands and wrists.  I love that the formula contains honey, almond extracts and coconut oil along with the shea butter. 


I hope you enjoyed this snap shot of how I like to wind down to relax after work.  I truly find peace in   this nightly routine I've created.  Try adding these small little rituals after your shower.  I feel like I'm always saying this but it truly quiets my mind of all the 'noise' from the day.  I'm having fun creating a safe haven of tranquility and peace in my home bathroom.  Using my L'Occitane products made the experience all the better.  Let me know some of your favorites from this line.  Or if you have yet to try--which ones are on your wish list?


  1. I’ve tried to the body cream and would like to try the shower and face oil. Thanks for sharing! Makes knowing which one to pick much easier.

  2. I know you would love them both! To be honest, I can see you trying anything with this line and being completely satisfied! Thanks for reading!



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