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Monday, February 5, 2018

Style At Work | Keeping A Positive Attitude During The Work Week

Happy Monday and welcome back to another installment of my 'Style At Work' series!  In today's post, I not only wanted to share with you some cold weather office outfit inspiration, but also give you a little boost mentally when it comes to going into the work week.  Obviously, it's not enough to just dress the part for work.  It's really important that we are excelling at what we do no matter what your specific job is.  Part of excelling is being in the right head space and staying motivated throughout the week, which is key for me.  It's easy to have the Monday blues after the weekend, but here are 5 ways to keep a positive attitude during the work week.

Take Time To be Grateful

Whenever I 'feel some type of way' about going to work, I refocus back to the simple fact that I actually have a job.  Not everyone can say that.  There is always something beneficial about being employed, whether you are working in your dream career or not.  When you take the time to recognize and have a grateful heart about where you are, it tends to put things into perspective, and for me, serve as an instant motivation.

Stay Productive

One of the first things I do when settling in for work in the mornings is make a To-Do list.  I also meet with my supervisor about things that are to be completed on a daily and weekly basis.  This definitely keeps me organized and focused on our goals.  At the end of the day, I tend to have a lot more satisfaction in seeing tasks completed and overall feel good about getting things done.

Customize Your Surroundings

Make your cubicle your own by placing positive images in your workspace.  I have a custom  colorful desk calendar and other images that I can look at that bring inspiration and calmness throughout the day.  Having a visual display of things that bring you joy can serve as stress relievers and maybe even reminders of what's really important if and when you have a rough day.

Leave For Lunch

Whether it's just going into the break room to eat lunch you brought from home, or down the street to a small cafe; I strongly encourage you to step away from your desk for your lunch hour.  I love having lunch in a space with a nice ambiance because it gives me something to look forward to each day.   This is also an instant mood lift and I almost always come back to the office with a better energy to finish out the second part of the day.

Get Good Sleep

I can almost guarantee what kind of day it's going to be based off of how much sleep I got the night before.  There have been times where I've been able to stay up an hour later without feeling the effects of less sleep, but I make sure not to make a habit of going to sleep late.  The lack of sleep can be frustrating and make you less likely to want to do anything in the work day.  Who's thinking about staying positive when all you want is your bed??

How do you keep positive during your work week?  I'm not sure about y'all, but these bitter cold days can definitely have an effect on my mood.  Who really wants to leave their warm and cozy beds to head out into 30 degree weather??  It can be a challenge, but lets keep our heads in the game.  Positive thoughts will bring positive results.  It'll all pay off!


  1. Loving these tips!! Thanks so much for sharing. Have an amazing week! Happy Monday ♥️ PS. I keep positive by starting my day off with a little devotion and words of affirmation.

  2. Samara, love your outfit in this post! These are some great points...especially the leave your desk for lunch. As someone who normally eat their lunch at my desk, I decided to have lunch away from the desk and I must say, it was relaxing and my mind was not on work. I will be doing this more often as well.



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