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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cold Weather Clothing Must-Have | The Poncho

I mentioned in my previous post that my new year has really gotten off to a good start with me refreshing things around the house and really getting organized.  Unboxing more of my clothes from our move has reconnected me with items that I love and also to get really get excited about wearing items I  already have.  Lately it has been all about the poncho.  Here, I was meeting a friend for tea and a light lunch, so I kept things casual and cozy with my favorite pair of dark denim and tall knee boots.  When I know that I'm going to be indoors, I normally wear a v-neck or bodysuit with my poncho.  Had it been a day for errands, I would have switched this out for a turtleneck.

Ponchos definitely make a statement all on their own so it may be a little tricky to style.  My advice is to go with what feels natural to you.  Make it your style by dressing it up, down, or adding accessories to it--like a hat--that makes it your signature.

This year I've taken a very relaxed approach in how I'm getting a few things accomplished--which is so refreshing because this time last year was a very different story.  My husband and I dove right into the search for our new home and it was a busy time for us.  It just feels good to start this year off settled, so while there are things that I wish to accomplish in 2018, you won't find me shelling out a long laundry list of what I will be doing.  Instead, here's a small recap of what I have been doing/small changes that I've been making:

Waking up earlier

Eating more vegetables + fruit & less meat

Drinking more water

Preparing the night before for work or important meetings

Caring more for my hair with rich products like oils + deep conditioners

Working on my home office

And the rest you will have to find out later--here on the blog!

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