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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Winter Wardrobe | Shaggy Jacket with Mod&Soul

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!  I'm ending the year here on Styled Chic with the start of my Winter Wardrobe style guide that I intend to share with you all throughout the season!  This post is in collaboration with yet another chic boutique here in Richmond called Mod & Soul!  As you can probably tell with my past few posts, I have been working with quite a few local boutiques since my move to Richmond.  I am always so excited to be able to share these posts with you because I love the idea of shopping local and as a style blogger, I really love getting to work with so many different fashion brands.  It's always so cool to be able to live out your professional and business aspirations (one of which was to partner with more style brands) and I am so happy to say that I've done exactly that this year with Styled Chic!

Of course with it being the last day of the year, I've taken the time to reflect on the highs and lows of 2017 and I am so thankful that I still have the opportunity to live another day of life doing the things that I love and to be in good health surrounded by my family and friends.  2017 wasn't a perfect year, but there were enough positive moments to keep my hope alive for 2018.  I feel super blessed right now and have absolutely no complaints.  My only wish is to continue to bloom.

Now, about this jacket!  Don't you love it?  Shaggy Jackets are definitely a trending item this winter.  I would encourage you to have a little fun and step outside your style box and experiment with this piece!  I've seen so many in different styles and colors.  When I was invited out for an opportunity to shop with Mod & Soul I knew this statement jacket was just what I needed to add to my wardrobe.  This shaggy sweater coat makes the perfect boho chic statement and I love the layered colors.  It's so comfy and actually pretty warm.  I love the ability to take a clothing item and make it your own.  For a casual but cute look I paired the jacket with a bodysuit and my favorite Fashion Nova jeans with boots.  This made for a super comfortable outfit while being out and about in the city.  Mod & Soul goes on my favorites list right amongst the other boutiques that I've reviewed here.  The Bohemian chic vibes that I got from the store was so awesome and made it hard to not take home everything I laid my eyes on.  Check out this boutique if you're in the Richmond, VA area and if you're one of my out of state peeps check them out online at www.mod&  This jacket is sold out but there is definitely more where this came from if you shop Mod & Soul.  Trust me, you'll love them.

I truly hope you all have a Happy New Year and enjoy the rest of your Holiday!  2018 is going to be an amazing year!

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