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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chic Holiday Wardrobe | The Red Sweater Dress

Tis the season-- for cozy sweaters and rich colors!  The holidays have swung back around once again and while I'm sitting here realizing that Christmas is literally next week,  I'm also planning to be very intentional about making the most of this time by enjoying and celebrating each moment!  This is the time that I acknowledge and celebrate the birth of Christ and also celebrate life.  Something that I do everyday, but around this time I love to just get a little more glam and really reflect on the great moments I had over the year.

So far, I've been getting into the spirit of the holidays mostly with my wardrobe.  I've added quite a few sweaters to my closet recently, but I also came across an old favorite.  The red sweater dress.  I've had this sweater dress for a few years now and it has remained an old faithful.  The thick material keeps me warm and comfy while still feeling a bit festive and a little sexy too : )  This is definitely that go to item that I look forward to wearing every year.

I love the idea of wearing a pretty sweater dress during the Fall and Winter!  This dress is actually from Victoria's Secret and I purchased it when they still sold actual clothing.  I decided to play around with mixing texture, so I just wore these velvet boots to make the look super simple.  Don't you just love when you've had something in your closet for years and it has stood the test of time and fits like a glove?  That's why I love classics so much!  Every woman should have an arsenal of clothing especially dedicated to this time of year from full on glam to casual chic--just like this look here.  While this dress is no longer available I did make sure to link similar dress below in a few different colors too!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love everything about this look ♥️

    1. Thank you so much! I just love this dress!



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