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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home For the Fall Holiday

 I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend because I sure did.  This year was very chill for my husband and I and different from previous years.  We decided to spend our first Thanksgiving in our new home with just the two of us--which made for a very quiet and peaceful day.  I prepped our dinner the day before, doing things like brining our turkey as well as cutting and washing the collard greens.  Although I stayed up pretty late preparing I was up early to begin roasting the turkey.  I was determined to have everything done by 1pm!  Our Thanksgiving dinner included all the usual suspects you'd find on most families dinner tables.  I did, however, add a few new entrees that I've never made before--like stuffing--girl was a first, but it came out bomb.  My husband loved it and I was so glad because he can be such a picky eater, lol.  The rest of the weekend consisted of doing all of my favorite things.  I visited a new coffee shop downtown (where these photos were taken) and celebrated my guy's birthday this past Saturday.  After brunch that morning, I took him over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Terracotta Army exhibition.  We ended the night eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant downtown.  I also made an attempt to do some black Friday shopping which was a bust as far as savings were concerned because nothing I purchased (with the exception of two items) were on sale.  Don't you hate that??

The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year and really can't believe how fast we rolled around to it again.  I love the time off and always try to carefully plan how I want to spend it.  I'm always caught between deciding if I want to just flake out entirely because --we all deserve to do that sometimes right?  We all work and spend most of the day multi-tasking, sometimes its perfectly okay to just BE and sleep in.  However, there are just some parts of me that has to take advantage of every extra hour that I can get.  In my case it's organizing or home d├ęcor planning, driving out to see my family, and the list continues.  I also love sharing as much as I can here on Styled Chic so I'm always looking to upload my weekend experiences or style stuff  and that definitely takes time.

JORD watches decided to help me with keeping track of my time this season with this beautiful wooden and vintage rose watch.  I love for any jewelry or accessories that I own to be feminine and dainty.  Unless I'm going for a statement, timeless pieces like this are of everyday wear for me.  Since the holidays are officially in full swing, if you love this watch just as much as I do you can snag it for a deal with 25% off using the code STYLED25.  There are several other styles to choose from whether you'd like to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Be sure to visit HERE to gain access to your holiday savings!

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