StyledChic: 5 Ways I Stay Productive at Work When I'm Not in the Mood

Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Ways I Stay Productive at Work When I'm Not in the Mood

It's inevitable that we all have those days where we'd much rather stay at home than to have to haul tail into the office.  Am I the only one??  Honestly, for me, today was that day.  This morning I woke up, not only to the sound of my alarm clock, which always seems to go off too soon, but also to the sound of rain.  Not only that, but it was still dark out and for me that was the perfect combination for me to want to stay right in bed in my cocoon of fluffy blankets.  All of this set the tone for the rest of the day.  Gloomy skies accompanied with the Monday Blues because we all know that the weekend was just way too short.  Typically, I quickly try to ditch this type of thinking to keep things on a positive note, but today was challenging because it was just one of those days I really found myself trying to push through.

Obviously I made it through the day just fine and well enough to gift you all with an evening post accompanied with a nice glass of wine!  There were a few things I did this morning and pretty much all day that helped me out of my slump enough to at least stay on task.   Although it can be tough, here are 5 ways to help you stay productive when you aren't in the mood.

Eat Healthy During the Day

Eating breakfast is just an immediate boost for my energy and overall mood and attitude.  It always sets the tone.  This morning, I didn't have much time so I made sure to grab an apple with almond butter, oatmeal, power bar, and plenty of water.  I also took a few more morning snacks like an avocado and pistachios.  For me, it gave me the energy that I needed and I indulged in healthy snacks for the rest of the day after lunch.  I'd advise to choose your meals wisely.  Trust me it makes a difference.

Silence Your Phone

It's so easy to get distracted and want to answer text messages as they come through your phone.  That notification ring can have you tempted to see who DM'd you on Instagram or see what someone said on Twitter.  It's hard to unplug from social media during the day but today I made it a priority to be a little more disciplined.  I say, silence your phone so that you can focus.  You can even keep your phone out of your eyesight.  I just kept mine in my purse until my break.  Doing this today I noticed my focus was so much better.

Make a To-Do List

The first thing I did this morning when I got to work was make a To-Do list.  The tasks to get done are unavoidable so taking the initiative to simply begin to check off your list will keep you going as well as on schedule to complete deadlines.  List each item by importance and deadline and hold yourself to it.

Listen to Ambient Music

I chose to put on some jazz on today.  Relaxing yet motivating.

Take Breaks 

Fortunately I work downtown and near beautiful scenery.  Just a quick 5 minute breath of fresh air can make all the difference.  It definitely helps me to not feel overwhelmed.

It can be a hard, but challenge yourself to stay focused.  Besides, doing your best despite how you feel at work is what really matters right?  Unfortunately there will be days where we don't feel like being at work and that's totally normal.  Hopefully these tips can help you to push through on your worst day.

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