StyledChic: 'The Perfection of Style' Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

'The Perfection of Style' Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit

As some of you may know, it is New York Fashion Week and while I am not in attendance this year, I thought it would the perfect time to share my recent trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since this exhibition in particular has everything to do with haute couture.  Spending my down time at the museum has become one of my pastimes during the weekend since I've relocated.  There are many cool exhibits and what I love the most is that the museum has wine & live jazz night every Thursday.  It's definitely the perfect hang out for happy hour after work.  I always have such a great time mingling and I usually always end up meeting someone new.  When I learned that the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition opened early this summer, I definitely made it a point to check it out before it ended in August. 

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a big consumer of designer labels.  I know that may sound strange, given I do blog about style, but that's just it, I love style.  I'm more about everyday style, which is what I would describe as an approach-- a method, a technique in how I dress which best represents me as a person.  Like your signature : )  Style affects me everyday.  What I wear to work--what's comfortable--what I wear on the weekends.  Fashion on the other hand is art and creativity.  There is a difference.  Fashion is one piece that I may have in my closet to the 10th power.  I figured the YSL exhibit would be great to gain inspiration, learn more about the designer, and get an in person view of his stunning designs.  Perfect professional development for style lovers, right? In celebration of NYFW I present to you 'The Perfection of Style' Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition.

The Beatnik Couturier

With more than 100 costumes, jewelry, sketches, and sample fabrics I was pretty blown away at the incredible pieces on display.  Seeing how intricate each design was gave me such a greater appreciation and respect for designers.  It takes a combination of hard work, talent, and creativity to create these pieces.  Simply stunning.  My favorites were the short black beaded dress from the Spring/Summer 1990 Haute Couture Collection shown below.  Aren't the pink feathers exquisite?  I love how style carries over and has the ability to stand with time.  That's what we call a classic and I can totally see myself wearing this piece right now.  New Years Eve party anyone? 

I also loved this evening gown from the Autumn-Winter 1983 haute couture collection.  The huge pink silk satin draped bodice with large bow really captures the 80's era. My favorite era since I was born during that time.

A Living Legend

Yves Saint Laurent and Models of Color 

What resonated the most for me with this exhibition is learning that  Saint Laurent regularly hired women of color as his models long before many other designers.  Models such as Mounia was Saint Laurent's muse and was the first black model Yves Saint Laurent used in his haute couture shows. She was widely considered the French couturier’s favorite model.  This was all I needed to know to have a greater appreciation for this designer.  Period.

From Darkness to an Explosion of Color


Seeing 'The Perfection of Style' exhibit was such an amazing experience.  I have such a greater respect for this designer and am so glad I had the opportunity to check out the rare behind the scenes look into the creative workings of the fashion house and private life of Saint Laurent.  Amazing.  I hope you all have an amazing week.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
--Yves Saint Laurent, 1975


  1. This Yves Saint Laurent event looks really nice. Now, this is an event I wouldn't mind have attending. But, I did not know that he regularly hired women of color. that shows you how much I'm into the fashion. Actually, I don't even know my style for the most part, lol. Samara I do love your outfit in this post, but what outfit do I not like of yours? Great post, chica!

    1. Thank you Bobbie! You know, these photos just didn't capture the true essence of the pieces. They were stunning! You would have definitely enjoyed it. I didn't know that about YSL either so don't feel too bad, lol. I thought that tid bit was wonderful so now when I hand over my coins for his perfume I will have more of an appreciation. Thank you so much!



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