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Friday, April 7, 2017

My Life Around Town | Fruitive At Hilton THE MAIN

One thing I'm really big on is how I spend my down time.  I normally have long work days throughout the week due to an hour long commute to and from work (hopefully this will change SOON).  If I don't go home right away after work I'm getting home later in the evening and late nights quickly turn to early mornings.

With all of the driving, early mornings, hustle, and spending time inside of a cubicle for eight hours each day, I value my weekends and any time that I have off.  Getting out and doing things that I really enjoy definitely gives me the balance that I need and literally puts back so much LIFE into my spirit!

I spent this particular day in one of my favorite places in the Hampton Roads area:  Downtown Norfolk.  The last agency I worked with professionally was in the heart of downtown Norfolk and I loved every last minute of it.  I'm such a city girl, so being in walking distance of the mall, a variety of restaurants, and cute coffee shops was right up my alley.

Since then, a new hotel-- Hilton Norfolk The MAIN was built and recently opened.  I decided to go on down and take a little tour and grab a bite to eat at Fruitive--a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that offers Cold-pressed Juices & Plant-Based foods.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I will have days where I will go meatless.  This day was definitely the day.  On top of that the other Fruitive location is further out in Virginia Beach so only having to drive 30 mins verses 50 gave me the excuse I needed to get back down to Norfolk!

Fruitive's menu has so many great items and since I had been to this restaurant at a different location I was very familiar with all the fresh, clean, and GREEN foods it had to offer.  I decided to get the Collard Southwestern tacos with strawberry infused water.  I love the food at Fruitive.  Everything is made fresh and I love that the customer service was on point.  That panini up there belonged to my sister.  

I'm someone that's also really big on experience and part of the experience is the ambiance and aesthetic of where I'm dinning.  I have to take photos of everything including my food.  The fact that there were the marble countertops, artwork hung throughout the hotel (Fruitive sits in the heart of the lobby floor of the hotel) and boutique music being played throughout the area, put the dining experience on another level.  It made for a very chic, feel good afternoon lunch.  I highly suggest this place if your looking for a healthy lunch or breakfast to really jump start your day.

This weekend will  probably include doing something similar to what you see here.  I'll be starting the weekend off in Charlottsville, VA for some blog work and then back to the 757.  What are you guys up to this weekend?  Happy Friday!

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