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Monday, April 24, 2017

Life in Full Bloom With Erin Condren

My work and home life have picked up so much over the past few months.  You guys have heard me mention in my videos and posts here that I have long work days due to a longer commute to my current 9 to 5.  And judging from my last post you all know that preparation is very important to me.  I try to do my best to spend my down time planning and scheduling almost everything that I have going on to keep me on track.  Not only do I have to stay on top of important meetings I have throughout the week, I also have hard deadlines that I need to adhere to when it comes to blogging and working with various brands.  Whether I'm recording a video to review a beauty product or writing a post to review a specific item-- it takes time.  Time to brainstorm, create, write, take photos, and to edit.  A long time ago I use to underestimate the time I thought it would take for me to write a blog post from scratch.  Now I know the importance of setting aside time in my schedule for each individual step so that I may relay thoughtful information.  Not to mention completing my work with great quality and marking my work with the Styled Chic flair that everyone loves.  Finally, Now that my husband and I are closing in on a moving date to the city we work in things are really picking up.  

Imagine my relief and excitement when I received a box full of help from Erin Condren to not only keep me on schedule but also to make my planning fun.  Normally writing down all of my important appointments are cut and dry.  With the Erin Condren LifePlanner™it gives me motivation to organize everything.  As you can see the  LifePlanner™ is very colorful, chic, and has one of my life mantras along with my name written across the cover.  If that's not enough to get you motivated to plan, there are various accessories such as stickers that are themed for each month, occasion, and event as well as markers with regular and fine tip to even color code everything.

What I appreciated even more was a special invitation to attend a pop up event in Charlottesville to see more and hear more about the brand.  I always love meeting with brands face to face and getting to know more about Erin Condren's  LifePlanner™inspired me to have a different approach when it came to organizing my time.  There were so many planners on display at the event serving as examples on how to use the planner.  It really inspired me to get creative in how to keep notes that will serve as attention grabbing reminders.  The signature mocktails, desserts, and extra goodies by Erin Condren were also a nice touch.

Since receiving my planner, I've literally been able to style my life!  With all of the custom accessories it makes it easy to create a style of your own based on your personality.  While I chose a colorful cover with flowers because --that's my thing, you can very well go the more simplistic route or chose a look based on your taste free of charge. 

With all of the encouraging quotes inserted throughout the  LifePlanner™ for each month as well as chic stickers, it kind of makes it hard not to want to get organized.  I am really able to make my LifePlanner™ my own by incorporating the beautiful personalized accessories so that it that makes it easy to keep all of my projects and plans fresh and my creativity flowing.  If you know me well, you know that I have collected various planners over the years.  The LifePlanner™ is just a must have so I'm happy to add it to my chic collection.  I feel like I've taken things up a notch with Erin Condren.  For a little while I resorted to keeping track of my entire life in my iPhone as a result to carrying a smaller work bag, but this is just great for back up and more cute in my opinion.  For me it's not about just scheduling each day, but celebrating each day!

At this point I already have next month mapped out because it's going to be BUSY.  My husband and I have an estimated moving date, so next month is filling up with important dates to remember.  If you'd like to purchase the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ find it HERE.  This is also a great time to purchase this beautiful LifePlanner™ because Erin Condren wants to give you guys a 15% discount!  Use the code GETSOCIAL15 before 7/31/17 to start planning for your life!  Please note that this offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Happy planning and remember not to just schedule, but celebrate each day.

**This Post was brought to you by Erin Condren.  All thoughts and opinions are my own**


  1. I love planners. There is so many planners out that it's hard to choose which one to go with. Planners work better for me, I just need to see things in my own handwriting. Great post, Samara!

  2. Thanks for reading Bobbie! You're right! There are so many planners to choose from! For me, this one is by far my favorite!



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