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Thursday, January 5, 2017

5 Ways To Start Your New Year 2017 x Banana Republic

Well I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday season.  For me it went by so quickly, it barely felt like Christmas or even the close of 2016 for that matter.  Like many of you, I spent my time with family and friends on my days off and that included lots of food, laughs, and lounging.  Over the holiday Banana Republic sent over the most perfect clothing items to do just that.  I love a great pair of jeans and a comfy and soft sweater so I was very excited to received these items!  Thanks Banana!  As seen here, I am wearing the Girlfriend jean.  These Mid Rise premium denim jeans are so so comfortable and ideal for throwing on and chilling in.  What I also love is the ease through the hip and thigh and the stretch that I love for my all my jeans to have.  I can also fold them up at the ankle so that's a plus once Spring weather gets here.  I also received this pretty powder blue sweater made with fine Italian yarn that makes for a super soft and stretchy sweater!  

Not only did I spend time with the loved ones, I also took the time to reflect on 2016.  I thought about all of the goals I accomplished, as well as some really tough experiences that I had to face.  2016 although very successful for me professionally, was truly a year of resilience.  

Now I'm not one to fall into the 'New Year, New Me' hype.  Mainly because it's corny and overdone around this time of year.  Also because I am constantly checking in with myself throughout the year anyway tracking the progress of my goals and self-evaluating.  I also feel some type of way about waiting til the new year to make goals.  When you want to do something, just do it.  We don't have to wait until a new year to start, but I do understand that everyone likes the feeling of starting fresh, especially after maybe having a lousy year.  

I will say that 2016 was a year that I was successfully able to just get ish done, lol.  I mean truly accomplish everything that I set out to do!  Well at least majority of the goals I wrote down.  I contribute this largely to how I started the new year off with a list and plan of things that I wanted to accomplish.  

I wanted to make sure that I didn't set the same old New Year's resolutions, so I set goals that were solid, to the point, and realistic.  Most importantly, I planned out how I'd get each thing done.  Fortunately for me, I was able to accomplish every single goal on my list!  Here are some things that I typically do at the start of the new year that has helped me so much.  Hopefully these things can help you to get the ball rolling in your court as well.

Detox Mentally and Physically

For me this means less time soaking up social media or television and switching my focus to gratitude and vocally expressing thankfulness.  I find this very refreshing to do daily actually, not just at the start of the New Year.  I'm pretty guilty for not keeping this up, but I always feel a tug at my heart to get back to the basics of spending time sewing into my mind and spirit.  For me it's through prayer and having a continuous conversation with God about strengthening the weak areas in my life or again, simple gratitude. 

Physically, I start by drinking more water and a lot of times that includes adding lemon for flushing my body and keeping myself hydrated--You'll feel tons better!  I also get on my tea drinking kick, mainly because I'm headed back into the office and want to feel relaxed as much as possible while taking on what's in my inbox.  Eating more organic fruit and raw vegetables are already something I incorporate into my diet, but starting at the top of the New Year will never hurt, just try to stay consistent.  All in all it's being conscious of my health and really taking care of myself.  That also means scheduling doctor visits to keep tabs on my overall health.


Now by now y'all know I love keeping organized.  The process can seem overwhelming, so that's why I tend to throw away junk and get started before January 1st.  Doing things like cleaning my home and organizing my closet space really sets the tone by starting fresh.  I'm not sure about you, but when every thing is organized and clean I just feel better.  It really sets the tone.  I also start fresh with a new Agenda book.  I love planners!  They've helped me keep tabs on things throughout the year.  Target always has some really nice ones and Kate Spade (although a little pricey) are the best + super feminine, which I love!  An agenda can keep you on track with day to day priorities as well as staying on track with appointments and important dates to remember.

Create a Routine

I'm not perfect, but I feel like routines help so much with staying organized and I feel like now is the perfect time to start one.  I have daily routines, night routines, weekly, and even monthly routines. Something as simple as doing laundry every Saturday morning, washing and caring for my hair every Sunday in preparation for the work week, or making my lunch for work after dinner every night.  I mean it doesn't have to be perfect every single day, but starting small helps me in the biggest way.

Manage Your Coins

Last year for me was all about wiping away debt and fortunately, I walked into 2017 completely debt free!  This year is definitely about resisting the urge to spend and to save.  Especially after the holiday season.  What better time than the top of the year to start adding towards the savings account?  Recently I saw a post via IG that confirmed this.  We have to just be better with our money.  You never know what life will bring.  It's wise to save for a rainy day.  Even if it's something small like $25 a pay check.  The pennies will add up.  I like to set a marker for my account that once it reaches a certain amount, there is absolutely no more spending allowed until the next pay period unless absolutely necessary.  Think about a plan that fits your needs and life style.  I mean, a little extra money never hurt nobody. 

Write the Vision for 2017

Last but not least, this one was the biggest contributor as to why I was so successful last year with my goals.  I literally wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish.  There wasn't any pressure and to be honest with you by summer time there were a few on the list I completely forgot about but still accomplished!  Periodically I would check on the list to see my progress.  By fall of 2016 I found myself checking off every single thing.  There's something about writing things down makes you take action.  At least that's what happens in my case.  You always need to plan your future by writing it down.  For every problem I felt I needed to solve last year, I created a solution and the plan of action I needed to take to bring it to fruition.  Try it for yourself.  It worked for me and I'm sure it will for you as well.

How are you starting the New Year?  I find that resolutions don't really work unless you have a plan and are working towards each goal.  Who doesn't want to start fresh?  It's a new day, which is a second chance to live a better, prosperous and full life!  

Happy New Year!

**This post was brought to you by Banana Republic**

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