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Monday, November 7, 2016

Luncheon Guest Etiquette

Not too long ago, I was invited by a friend to attend a luncheon presented by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  It was an afternoon of music, dance, and theatrical performances by local artists here in Virginia.  Not only was the afternoon filled with talented artists, but each guest also dined on an appetizing buffet with savory dishes such as baked ziti, grilled vegetables, rice pilaf, baked chicken, fresh salad, and also an alluring spread of delightful desserts!  The afternoon could not have gone any better.  My dear friend Krystal and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We laughed, met great people, and even went home with a bouquet of beautiful Hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers).  Once the performances concluded, we spent the rest of our time mingling with our host as she introduced us to personal friends, family, and colleagues of hers.  I've attended many events both professionally and outside of work.   For the most part I've always had very positive experiences when attending, however, I have definitely witness full grown adults not knowing how to act. With the holiday festivities, work luncheons, or events coming up this season I thought I'd share with you my own personal tips on luncheon etiquette.

Be Polite

This means having a positive attitude when you come to the event.  Speaking or shaking hands with people you are introduced to and being an overall gracious guest.  What's the point in even coming to an event if you aren't in the mood to be around people?  Stay home if you're in a bad mood or don't have the openness to talk to others.  Simple manners can take you a long way.  Smile and be genuinely enthused about being there.  Ditch gossip, negative comments about others, and complaining.  Have some tact and be pleasant.  One thing that I can't stand is for someone to be at celebration or what should be a nice event and bring all of their ugly vibes with them.  They don't like the food, or constantly make comments like:  "I'm tired", "So and so is here and I can't stand her", "What does she have on?" Girl.  Just stay home.  Regardless to what you think, people are watching, listening, and observing.    People TALK too.  So, if you came with someone and are acting stupid, you will be remembered in a negative light.  You will be labeled and may not be invited again.

Dress the Part

By now you guys who've followed this blog know that I'm very keen on this.  Make sure you get the details as far as the attire on the event.  More than likely it will be anywhere from business casual to dressy.  Put a little effort into your look. Keep in mind that the event may be held at a hotel or nice restaurant so you don't want to show up looking like you rolled out of bed.  I think it's also a show of respect to the event or hostess that you actually care.

Have Table Manners

When being seated, make sure to initially speak to everyone at the table.  Introduce yourself.  I mean, you will be breaking bread with these people for a few hours.  With all the salt and pepper passing you want to make sure you do this.  Chew with you mouth closed, use your napkin, and don't clank your silverware against your plate.  I know we aren't eating with the Obamas, but we do want to act like we've been somewhere before, lol.  It may seem like common sense to some, but now-a-days common sense ain't common.

Our host: Mrs. Kane, My Friend Krystal, and WAVY News 10 Anchor and Reporter Anita Blanton.

Stand When Being Introduced

Standing establishes your presence and also acknowledges the person you're being introduced to.  Always smile, shake hands, and say your first and last name.  Put your phone down and engage with the person you are meeting or speaking with.  Make eye contact with the person and express genuine interest.

Stay Gracious

While mingling with others be comfortable in your own skin and express gratitude to those who invited you.  Also, never just say "hello" when being introduced to someone.  Offer a kind greeting like, "its a pleasure to meet you" or "how are you this afternoon?"  Graciously accept a compliment from another and be able to return one to someone else.  When doing so though, be sure to do it with sincerity.  

I love going to events to have a great time.  Part of the experience is being around good people.  I normally try to act in ways in which I know that I would like to be treated.  With holiday parties just around the corner, I thought that this could help you out or just serve as a simple reminder.  You can also use this for work lunch or dinners as well.  Hope you find this helpful!  Have a great week!

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  1. Thank you for this... This is something I'm always paying attention to for my own growth and development. Especially loved the point about always standing when being introduced to someone - I know I don't always do that so it's a good reminder to do so, especially to establish presence and show respect to the person you're meeting. Love this!!!



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