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Thursday, September 8, 2016

BITE Beauty Multisticks | Beauty with Benefits

What's up guys?  Know that if there is ever time that passes that I haven't written a post, I am ALWAYS trying out new beauty products!  There are so many items I've gotten in the mail lately and my birthday just passed so I received a few beauty gifts as well as buying my own items to update my stash on my own, so stay tuned for more.  Today I wanted to share 3 new additions to my make up draw:  BITE Beauty's Multi-Sticks in Macaroon, Cocoa, and Blondie.  The BITE Beauty's Multi-Sticks are designed to be applied to the lips, eyes, and cheeks.  For a woman who's always on the go, these products work well into my routine.  I like the fact that if I want to wear a little makeup for work, I don't have to spend time applying extra products and when it comes to travel you know I'm all for a multi-purpose product that saves time and packing space!  For this review I only tried the product on my lips.  I think the colors Blondie and Cocoa may look okay on my eyes and although the formula applies like a cream and wears like a powder,  I'm not so sure how I'd like these on my eyes!  I don't do a whole lot of color on my lids anyway so, I may try that out later.  For now, here are the colors as lipstick.  I used lip pencils with two of the shades simply because I didn't want the colors to look flat.

BITE Beauty Multi-stick in Blondie
Warm Beige Creamy semi-matte finish

  This color is my least favorite.  I thought it would look really pretty when I paired it with my 'Plum' lip liner by MAC, but, eh.  I normally wear pink shades like this during the week when I'm at the office for work.  The shade comes on as a fleshy tan color. To me it looked a lot better in person.  It shows on camera less tan so, I guess it's okay.  I'll have to play with other lip liners to see if I will feel comfortable wearing it to work.

BITE Beauty Multi-stick in Cocoa
Dark Chocolate Brown with Creamy semi-matte finish

I actually really love this chocolate color.  It's quite different for me because I tend to stick to a whole lot of berry colors and really don't like going outside of that.  I loved the finish.  This color makes for an excellent Fall shade.  Plus, This is a shade I feel like I don't even need a lip liner to wear with.  That's a bit of of a shock.  I think this is my favorite out of all three.

BITE Beauty Multi-stick in Macaroon
Bright Pink with Creamy semi-matte finish

Now although this could have easily been my favorite, it takes second place.  I paired it with MAC's 'Vino' lip pencil and that made it 10 times better.  I'm not really a fan of the Barbie looking pink that it gives off.  You can't really tell in the photo but it was giving me all types of Barbie pink.  Too much of a pop.  The lip pencil I used calmed it down a bit.  I love it over 'Blondie' up top in the first photo, so this shade gets second place.    

Overall, I like the idea of having a multistick, I just wish I would have gotten different shades.  I looked online and I really think the colors 'Cerise' and 'Cashew' would have looked better against my skin tone.  I'm super picky when it comes to that.  I know what I like and what looks good.  Another thing I will add is to make sure you exfoliate and apply a little lip balm before wearing these colors.  The formula is similar to a semi-matte lipstick, but colors 'Macaroon' and 'Blondie' had my lips feeling dry.  These are great silicone-free sticks, however.  Even though I mentioned I wouldn't wear them on my eyes, I think they are perfect for lips and cheek because of the creamy semi-matte finish.  Another plus with this cosmetic line is that products are made with natural, food-grade and organic ingredients and I love the sort of magnetic snap on top each tube has.  The BITE Beauty Multi-sticks retail for $24.  That price may be worth it if I find I color I love.

**This post was brought to you by  BITE Beauty**

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