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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Transform Your Everyday with Essence Beauty Box

Hey guys!  So I'm back with the latest from this month's Essence Beauty Box.  I promise I love getting this box in the mail every month, I always look forward to new goodies to try!  Part of me also loves that some of these products are bite sized so it makes it easy for me to travel with when I'm out of town for a few days.

This box was all about transforming your look from day to night, gym to work, or casual to sultry.  I live and work in two different cities, so bringing these items with me while I'm running errands throughout the day is just super convenient.  Let's take a look at what's inside:

Pomegranate Kiss Body Butter by La Belle Femme-  I WISH this came in full size for this month's box!  I Love this body butter.  Why?  Because it's soft to scoop out with my finger tips and onto my skin.  This butter is perfect and I use it right after I pat dry my skin from a warm shower.  It melts beautifully into my skin and makes it so soft and moisturizing.  I even make sure to put it on the heels of my feet and it makes them so soft.  To top it all off the smell is just...heavenly.  I understand why!  It's Pomegranate with lemon verbena, cinnamon and vanilla. All this creates a sensual fruit and spice combination.  It is my favorite body product to use when I get wound down and relaxed after a long 8 hours at work.  I love it!

Opal Lip Gloss by BITE Beauty-  When I first saw this product I was disappointed because I though "What am I going to do with this cotton candy colored lipstick?"  Well duh it wasn't lipstick, it's lip gloss and I can do that!  I don't really wear lip gloss like I use to in the past--just chap stick now, but BITE is too good of a product.  I can see myself  wearing this on my off duty days.

Perfect Edges by Crème of Nature-  For the past several month's I've already been using this product.  I used up my favorite edge control and hadn't gotten around to ordering another online.  This one was sitting from a prize that I won so I figured I give it a whirl.  Not a fan of this stuff.  Initially when applied to my baby hair it's smoothing, but it doesn't last long or keep those edges laid.  This is a no for me.  See how I like my edges slicked down HERE.

The Revitalizer by Biossance-  This one is new to me.  But I'm excited to use this light oil as a moisturizer.  I'm thinking I would probably take this with me on my next trip because its the perfect travel size.  I tried a little sample on my hands and it doesn't seem to have much of a smell, which is okay I guess.   What's special about this oil is that it's said to be ideal for all skin types and leaves skin feeling nourished and noticeably revitalized.  Can't wait to try!

Curly Magic Curl Stimulator by Uncle Funky’s Daughter-  After all these years of being natural I've never tried this brand that's probably been around since I did the big chop.  This will be the first time I'll be using this product.  This Aloe based stimulator is said to deliver superior results of taming frizz, elongating curls and adding moisture all in one powerful product.  Another product that seems to be perfect for travel because it's multi-functional.  I'm  looking forward to using this on my natural hair when I'm lounging around the house hanging out.

Have you still not made the decision to subscribe to this beauty box?  See if you may like it by visiting!

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