StyledChic: Caring for Natural hair while Protective Styling with Goody Hairbrushes at Walmart

Monday, March 14, 2016

Caring for Natural hair while Protective Styling with Goody Hairbrushes at Walmart

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As you guys know I've been protective styling for just about two months now and I love it!  The convenience of not having to style my hair everyday has spoiled me a little.  Each morning I will only spend a short time doing simple grooming to my natural hair like applying a moisturizer and a bit of detangling.  I also like to "re-slick" my hair and edges down.  Because I am wearing a quick weave, I like to get my hair underneath as sleek and flat as possible.  This will keep the faux hair from looking bulky or too "wiggy".  I also groom my edges so that the wig looks that much more natural.  Another important thing I do is brush out my wig.  This keeps it from becoming matted and tangled.

A plus with wearing a quick weave as a protective style is the fact that I get to care for my natural curls whenever I want.  About once a week, normally on the weekends, I'll take the time to thoroughly wash, condition, and fully detangle my natural hair.  This feels so refreshing to my scalp.  Whenever I work out I do this too.  It is so important for me to use great tools when caring for my natural hair.  The point of protective styling is to give you a chance to experiment with different looks without doing irreparable damage to your hair.  Using the right tools to keep my hair from getting matted with shed hairs is key.

This week I partnered up with Goody Hairbrushes to give you guys a more in depth look at how I'm caring for my natural hair while it's under this protective style!  I went to my local Walmart (Super Convenient!) and I chose three different brushes to get me through my grooming process.

So after I've washed and conditioned my hair on any given Sunday, I apply a creamy leave-in conditioner and then proceed to detangle my hair from my ends all the way up to the root.  I chose to use the Goody TangleFix Brush to handle this task.  It's so important to use the correct brush/tool when detangling.  This one is so cute and girly.  Normally I use a different kind of brush and a wide tooth comb to get tangles out, but I liked the Goody TangleFix brush best because this allowed me to only need one tool.  What was really nice was that the bristles were flexible, unlike some I've used in the past and it worked easily with getting the tangles out of my roots.  Detangling use to be that one process that took the longest.  I really believe that this is because my curls are so tight, so I need to carefully section my hair and take my time.  This brush made it that much more easier.

Once my hair is nice and detangled, I like to slick my hair back in a small bun.  This is the most important step because as I've said before, I like to get those edges nice and slick for a groomed finish.  I was actually able to do this with my Goody TangleFix brush and as an extra step to lay down those edges I set them by tying a satin scarf around them for about 20 minutes or less.

Now once I've gotten my hair slick I plop on my wig and go! Lol, really the next steps are so simple.  I'm out the door in just a few moments.  I used the Goody DetangleIT brush to brush out the faux hair.  The style of this wig has a wavy look that I absolute love.  It's super chic so using this brush to keep those waves in formation worked beautifully! The brush is very smoothing on the hair and did pretty good with getting the kinks out.  I always use a oval cushion brush when I want to smooth out the hair.

The last thing I do here is a final brush through to set the hair and I did this using the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush.  This brush is so pretty to me because of the copper bristles!  Initially I wanted to used this on my blow dried hair but changed my mind and used it with the unit first.  The directions say not to use this brush with a blow drier because the bristles get hot.  Using the Radiance Paddle Brush as a final brush through was my best option.  This brush is said to be good in reducing build up and gives your hair a healthy shine.  Keep in mind that you may have to use the brush consistently for a while to see some results, but I was definitely able to see the shine in my hair.  You can clearly see that in the photos below.  I also really like that this brush has a cushion pad as well.

Protective styling has not been an excuse for me to totally forget about my hair.  My goal is to give my coils a break all while still nurturing and babying my hair.  What kinds of tools do you use when it's time to care for you hair?  To check out more tutorials that match your hair type, take a look around on the WEBSITE to find your match.


  1. I have the same Goody TangleFix brush-- and it's such a lifesaver! And I definitely see the shine from the Clean Radiance Brush, would definitely have to get that as well! #client

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