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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hair Talk: The Shoulder Length Bob

A new look for the new year!  Right now I'm at a different place with my hair.  For so long I've been itching to do something different and finally...I did.  In all actuality, I really wanted to give my natural hair a break.  A real one.  Straightening, twist outs, bantu knots, and curl wand curls  Lol.    I mean, I've been natural for 6 years now so I'm use to the routine, but I'm tired of doing hair!  Plus for my wedding weekend back in December I did quite a bit of heat styling.  Don't panic, my curls are still intact and just as springy as ever!  Thank God for no heat damage.  Thanks to my amazing hairstylist (Hey Fawnne! ).  But really it's just time for a much needed change.  So for now, I'm protective styling.

I haven't worn a straight weave in over 6 years.  When I first went natural I tried to go back to it to give my hair time to grow out, but I felt like weave didn't look right on me anymore.  I didn't like it.  I was over it.  So I never went back.  Fast forward to now and I've found a style that looks chic and fresh.  It's a shoulder length bob or the 'Lob' as some may call it (The Long Bob) and I absolutely love it.

This is the perfect winter style for me because it's super convenient, soft, easy, and effortlessly chic!  No more wondering how I'll wear my hair or spending time untwisting and fluffing.

And as for my makeup look?  This is my favorite #FOTD ( Face of The Day) as of late!  Soft, pretty, and suttle.  My favorite lip combination these days is the Maybelline  Matte in 'Nude Nuance' lined with MAC's 'Plum' liner and topped with my NYX soft matte cream in 'Stockholm'.  Isn't it pretty? I love how smooth and soft the Maybelline Matte lipsticks are.   This is will more than likely be my signature winter look.  Light and airy!  

What do you think of my new look?  Have you done anything new to your hair or look for 2016 yet?  Change is always good.  I'm looking to do a little experimenting this year!


  1. Yassss!!! I'm loving the new look for the new year. You are definitely serving ! Keep shining beautiful✨�� #awesomepost #awesomewriting #inspiration

  2. Looks gorgeous, love the new look x

  3. absolutely gorgeous! And I love the subtle highlights in the hair!

    KLP @

  4. Completely threw me off, but the new look is beautiful on you. Nice photos btw



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