StyledChic: The Best Leave-In Conditioner for your Type 4 Curls

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Best Leave-In Conditioner for your Type 4 Curls

I know the title is a pretty bold statement.  Especially seeing how there are A LOT of products on the market, but girl, Girl, GIRL!!  You have to try this if you're a type 4 natural (kinky, curly, curls). There I was, minding my own business, washing my hair the other day and then I realized I needed a leave-in conditioner.  So I searched through my stash and came across some samples I received at a few hair shows a few months ago.  "Hmmm...", I thought, "Let me try this..."  It was the Taliah Waajid Great Detangler.  The name alone drew me in because de-tangling my hair is probably the most time consuming element for me as a natural.  Another thing that was interesting is the fact that the label stated that it "eliminates tangles on contact".  "Mmmh, we will see."  I said to myself.

I promise, as soon as the product touched my hair, my hair immediately just melted.  I kid you not.  It did absolutely everything that it claimed to do.  My hair was soft and the product really aided in helping me get through the tangles.  Cut my time down to 15 minutes.  I also really loved how defined and springy my curls were and the smell was amazing.  Needless to say I was at Target the next day to purchase the full sized bottle. Also, because I was so in love with this leave-in, I thought it would be perfect to pair it with the African Healing Oyl to lock in moisture!

As much as I style my hair in different ways, it's always so cool to just wear my hair as is.  In my natural texture.  I've grown to appreciate the way my curls are and how the look with little to no manipulation.

Have you tried the Taliah Waajid leave-in conditioner?  Right now it's my absolute favorite.  Definitely a new curly girl staple product!


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  2. I saw this product online while searching for a good and cheaper alternative of the Kinky Curly Knot Today. Just because I can't spend all that money for a leave-in conditioner. It seems great because of the ingredients and the description, but the problem was: nobody that I know was using it! I have type 4 hair and I know now that this product, probably, will work for me too. We'll see. Thank you! You just solved my dilemma.

    1. Awesome! So glad to hear that! I was aiming to shine some light on a product that isn't in the lime light! I absolutely love it! Wait til you smell it! Amazing!

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