StyledChic: Off-the-Shoulder Top + Boyfriend Jeans

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Off-the-Shoulder Top + Boyfriend Jeans

Seems as if I took a cue from my own style guide with this look!  If you missed it, check it out HERE.  So who am I kidding?  I'm just a jeans all the time kind of girl.  I literally have to force myself to switch it up a bit by wearing dresses and skirts to keep things interesting.  When it boils down to it, I'm just the most comfortable in a good ol pair of worn jeans.  Plus I like to have clothing that does all the work for me.  I can't stress it enough.  Distressed denim is a statement item.  The pairings with these babies are easy and endless.  You literally can't go wrong with styling them.  Oh, and this off-the-shoulder top is my favorite because of it's alluring appeal.  Very demure, yet flirty.  I like to show off unexpected features sometimes, like my shoulders.

As far as life goes, things have been good..and busy.  From weekend entertainment at home with friends and family, to date nights with hubby, to taking care of our 4 year old black lab, and several other side gigs--I've got my hands full.  I'm only a few months out from my wedding (our family and friends celebration), so things are really starting to pick up.  We will be sending out our formal invitations pretty soon.  It's getting close!  Can you believe summer is just about over?  Yea, neither can I.  This month will also be pretty eventful as I also begin a new position with my 9 to 5.  A different location that's closer to home and a great opportunity to learn more and grow--I'm excited!  Other than that I'm just keeping it casual and chic of course!  How's your summer wrapping up?

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