StyledChic: Leather Skirt + Denim Shirt

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Leather Skirt + Denim Shirt

Leather during the summer can be a tricky thing.  The biggest thing here is how and where you do it.  Being that the piece of leather that I'm wearing here is a skirt, I'm not going to be on the verge of a heat stroke in this 90 degree weather today.  This 'skater' style definitely allows for movement and comfortability.  Also, note that if you are going to be in a temperature controlled environment for most of the day, you can certainly get away with pulling this off.  Besides, wearing the skirt this way with these cute sandals can't really be done during winter months. Unless you throw a pair of nylons or tights into the mix.  How So lets maximize this item shall we?

Pairing leather with denim was something that just naturally happened.  It's always cool to make an outfit a bit more interesting by adding multiple textures.  Plus, it's the best way to look like you really tried when you didn't on a Tuesday work morning--I'm all for that!  I'm really big on looks that you can wear everyday.  Not just for a night out or on the weekends, because hello, most of my time is spent at work.  Why not have a little fun mixing it up?  Goodbye black slacks!


  1. Love this look! I'm always hesitate about putting leather on in the summer but you're right it's How & Where you do it! I mostly opt to try leather in the summer during the late afternoon or evening events. It's not as hot and for me leather just can't go wrong at night. Thanks for showing me how to make it more universal! I love the skater skirt!

    1. You are on it girl! Late afternoons and evenings are the best times to pull of this look! Thanks for the comment! So glad I could help you out! Stay Chic!



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