StyledChic: Distressed Denim Skirt + Stripes

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Distressed Denim Skirt + Stripes


It can be very easy to fall into a style rut with the same boyfriend blazer, statement necklace, and graphic t-shirt.  Trust me, I have those moments quite a bit.  It's just natural to reach for the usual suspects in my closet.  Lately, however I've been motivated to do different.  I thought about how I have so many clothes that I wear the same way all the time or items that pretty much never see the light of day because I just go to what I always wear anyway.  What a waste!

So you know I've got a thing for distressed denim jeans and today I feel like this skirt is a level up to the trend.  I like that it's laid back but lady like, especially with a chic pair of heels.  Hello two strap!  This could easily be a casual Friday look or maybe something to wear for Sunday Brunch.  The aviator shades add for an extra cool look to keep it interesting and the red lip?  Icing on the cake. 

Keep in mind that everything that is old is new again.  I literally LIVE for making things my own and this skirt looks modern when paired with classic pieces like this button down and gold accessories.  I'd like to encourage you to reinvent some of the items in your closet. 

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