StyledChic: Black and White Polka-Dots + Cat Eye Frames

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Black and White Polka-Dots + Cat Eye Frames

Today I'm serving nothing but 9 to 5 work chic realness.  Lol.  Here I am just grabbing some lunch on my work break, car keys in hand and all.  People are often surprised when I tell them that 90 percent of the time my hair is up in a bun.  Especially during the work week.  I can't get over how much of a time saver it is.  Especially on a Monday or Tuesday trying to kick start my work week.  This week has gotten off to a great start.  So much better than last week and you know why?  Because I am trying to get more into the habit of proper planning.  Now don't get me wrong I am a bit of a planner, but as of late, with all that I have going on prepping the night before whether it be ironing work clothes, putting everything in it's place where I can just grab and go makes things all the more better for me.

This fit is just easy.  I like easy.  Here's a tip:  If you have trouble figuring out what to wear to work during the week, always go back to the basics by wearing black and white.  Then...just go from there. Girl you know black and white go with everything so it really ain't nothing to add like a bright color to it lip, hot pink pump or a pattern to just jazz it up.  There you go.  Super chic and just easy, ya know?

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