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Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm On YouTube

The past three years have been pretty exciting and fun sharing so much style, beauty, and hair information.  At this point, I thought it would be cool to add another aspect of social media and that is through YouTube!  It's one thing to communicate with you all through writing, so why not add video where you can actually hear me speak?  I think sometimes the message that I'm trying to convey would most likely be better stated through video.

Check out what is actually my 2nd video on my channel!  My first was beauty related and this video is all about hair!  I want to start this YouTube journey simply to better share information with you all.    Growing up I always loved the Arts!  I wrote books.  I was involved in the Arts magnet program that cultivated students into musical, drama, and fine art categories.  I was also in marching band, color guard, and winter guard.  Oh and let's not forget dance and cheerleading!  I really have a love for these kinds of things.  Getting involved with filming just seems to naturally fit and pairs well with what I like!  I love creating, editing, and all of the cool things that go on behind the scenes of actually making a video.  Oh you thought I was just playing in front of the camera?? Lol!  There's a lot more that goes into it!  So far I really enjoy making videos and I hope to continue creating more content so stayed tuned!  Better yet subscribe so that you can keep up with me and be the first to know when I've uploaded a new video!  I've made it easy for you by providing you with a clickable widget (Top Right Hand Corner with the 'YouTube' logo).  It should take you straight to my channel!  I've also linked the video down below!  I hope you enjoy.

Loving My Texture: 5 Ways I style My Natural Texture is all about enjoying my curls as is.  Without any manipulation of blow drying, twisting, or braiding I find it so low maintenance to just simply 'Wash & Wear'.  Many times I have to remind myself that that was the whole point of going Natural.  How exciting is it to wake up to a head of curls that you can just wet and style?  If you have a curl pattern and texture similar to mine, you may find this helpful!

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