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Monday, February 2, 2015

Style Resolutions + Bold Colors

HELLO EVERYONE!  Happy New Year!  How has your new year been going thus far?'s just been way too long!  I haven't talked with you all since the Christmas holiday.  So much has gone on in the past month that has kept me away.  Sickness + extended hours at work + changes in my personal life-- it all has been a bit of a juggling act and I've had to manage my time more wisely.  My New Year holiday was spent in bed for several days trying to get over a cold.  I hate being sick.  It makes me feel so unproductive.  Once I got over that, it was back to a super busy work schedule with extended hours.  So now, FINALLY, after about a month..I'm back to my old blogging self, ready to share some fresh content with you guys!  I've got a few new things coming so make sure you are subscribed or following me via my other forms of social media to keep up!

One of my style resolutions this winter was to add more bold colors to my outfits.  Add just a little dash of Solange pep to things, ya know?  A few posts back you saw my beautiful royal blue coat that I can't get enough of!  Now I'm on to this lovely Fuchsia coat!  While wandering the aisles of Target on one of my days off, I scored this coat for a bargain too awesome to pass up.  Along with my Cartwheel App and Red Card I saved so much! 

Adding that pop of color to what would otherwise be a simple outfit just changes everything!  While we're adding color, why not mix it up with one of my one of my favorite patterns--Stripes!  So fun and playful.  Makes for a perfect contrast with these grey skies over here on the East Coast.

Belted Fuchsia coat: Target (Similar) | B&W Striped blouse: The Limited (Similar) | Black Ripped Jeans: F21 (Similar) | Boots (Not shown): JcPenny (Similar)



  1. Love this look! So glad you are back and look forward to future post 😉

  2. Target is just....amazing!! I love it and this coat and that you are back to your old blogging self. Love!



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