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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#SheaLove: Shea Moisture Makeup Haul + Beauty Look

The Shea Moisture cosmetic line has been #1 on my beauty list of things to try.  You all know that Shea Moisture and I have a long history together.  This was the first brand that I used when I went natural 5 years ago.  With the company adding makeup to their brand, it made me love the company even more.  I guess you can imagine my excitement when I received almost all of the items I wanted this past Christmas.  I shared beauty item ideas to get for the 'Make-up' girl in your life and I guess my hubby and family were paying attention!  So, I've been using these items for the past few months and I am very pleased.  Today I'll be sharing a step-by-step makeup look using my new products. Keep in mind that these are only some of the items I received and I plan on sharing more later in another post.

1.  Moisturize:  Before I begin, I like to moisturize my skin using the Coconut & Hibiscus Spot Correcting Moisturizer.  I love this because it's not greasy, yet has a consistency that makes my skin feel adequately hydrated.  Oh and the smell is wonderful!  I haven't used this product long enough to see the spot correcting effects, so I will update you girls on that later.  So far, it's been my favorite for 2 months!

2.  Prime:  Next I like to prime my skin.  This is a really important step for me because it gives me a clean canvas to start with.  Primer gives my makeup longevity throughout the day.  There are so many great ingredients like Vitamin A & E and Shea butter in the primer as well.  It's great for oily and acne prone skin.  What I love most is that it's paraben, mineral oil, and fragrance free AND Hypoallergenic & Noncomedogenic!

3.  Conceal:  Using the color correcting, contour, and highlighting palette really DOES SOMETHING.  I apply the cream to any dark spots that I have on my skin and I've noticed after apply my sheer foundation--just the way it sets is amazing. I'm using the Medium Light palette.  

Normally on a light day, I'll apply concealer and powder only.  On a weekend I will do a little more.  Today I used the sheer foundation.  I love this because it's very buildable.  With the concealer it works perfectly.  It gets the job done in giving you a little coverage but not making you feel like you have on too much.    The only thing about this foundation is it tends to make me a little shiny after awhile.  I guess this is because this foundation is meant to give you more of a dewy finish.  The color I am using is 'Chincoteague Chestnut'.   I would suggest studying the color guides which should be located underneath the price labels at your local Target.  I normally match the color to my inner and outer wrists to evaluate the color I'm looking for.  I also go off of history of which hues of liquid foundations I've used before.  

4. & 5.  Define & Apply Shadow:  Next up are my eyes.  I actually used this blush in 'Casablanca Copper' to define my crease and the eyeshadow 'Montana' for my eyelids.  You can use the shadow wet or dry.  I absolutely love this shadow.  I would recommend using it wet for an evening look as it seems to be more pigmented this way.

6.  Highlight & Blend:  Okay now this is definitely my favorite step of all.  Highlighting my under my eyes pulls my makeup look all together and gives life back to my face.  Remember after you apply foundation it sort of makes your face blank and flat.  The importance of highlighting and contouring is to bring dimension back to the face.  You want to look radiant and this is the trick.  I highlight under my eyes, my nose, and the center of my forehead.  My pink tool is the Beauty Blender.  If you haven't used this tool YOU MUST.  I can definitely tell a deference in application with this.

Blending this all together is very important.  The key is in the blending and that's what I am doing in the second row of photos with a small brush.

Once blending is done, I apply a powder to set my sheer foundation and also apply a little blush to contour my cheek bones.  I'm really satisfied with the finish.

7.  Lips:  Last, I apply a lip liner and lipstick to complete my look.  I'm using the color combo that I told you guys about in my pretty little liners post.  After this I usually go back and highlight my eyebrows or just double check them making sure they are defined the way I like them.

Finished Look!

Above I've linked the items that I've used directly to where you can purchase if they aren't available at your local Target.  I love my results.  The way the makeup works with my skin is amazing.  I love how smooth my skin looks and I've gotten feedback from others of how well it appears.  What is also really great is the price point of these products.  This line definitely has been added to my holy grail, especially when I don't have the budget to shop in department stores for more expensive brands.  How do you like this look? Let me know in the comments if you've tried the Shea Moisture makeup line!


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  2. Wow!!! Awesome blog post! Please do more makeup pictorials.. Running to get those brushes you used.



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