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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Firmoo Eyewear

Did you know that I wore prescription glasses?  Well, surprise, surprise I have four eyes!  Normally I wear my contact lenses, which is probably why you haven't seen them in fashion posts.  If you follow along with me on Instagram, you more than likely have seen a few frames that I wear at home.  Now I'll let you in on a little secret.  It's actually a bit of an embarrassing story now that will reveal just how obsessed I am with glasses.  When I was in the Fourth grade I actually pretended to have eye trouble just so that I could get glasses.  LOL!  I know, terrible right?  I went to my exam and for the most part honestly told the Optometrist the letters that I could and could not make out--but there were a few that I just pretended not to know.  It's funny because once I got my new glasses I could actually see better (I'm Nearsighted).  So in my defense it wasn't a total lie, lol.  

So yes, I am obsessed with different frames.  Why?  Because I love changing and playing with different looks.  Imagine my excitement when it came to having the opportunity to picking out new eye wear with!  Firmoo is a global optical online store that is so easy to order from.  Simply obtain your prescription from your Optometrist, choose a frame online, enter your prescription, choose the type of lens you need, and complete your order.  Easy peezy.  

When you get into pricing, it's actually pretty good for frames.  Of course depending on the type of prescription there will be additional fees.  If you want Non Prescription and want to add a tint or other things like that is where you will start to climb with your total cost.  

I went with Tortoise shell because I already own a pair of black frames.  I really love this look of course because it's chic and versatile.  I also love the classic round shape, as I tend to always go for square or rectangle frames.  Change is good : ) I like both styles.  I have an oval shaped face so most of these types tend to compliment me very well.

My overall experience with Firmoo was great!  My pair of glasses came with a sturdy case, lens cloth, and a handy little screwdriver.  I'd most definitely recommend!  Affordable price, great quality--you can't beat that!  Right now, there's a BOGO right now of Buy one, get one Free on all glasses! HURRY!

Tell me what you think of my new glasses in the comments below!  Do you like?

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  1. Yes I love these frames on you! I want some now💕

  2. These frames are super cute! And don't worry, I always wanted to wear glasses when I was in school until I actually HAD


  3. Just ordered these! These frames look adorable on you. Love your blog.



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