Friday, December 26, 2014

Brocade Holiday Style

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and continue to enjoy this holiday season!  During this time there's so much celebration going on that wearing something that can take you from work to evening cocktails would definitely be wise.  I love to wear things that are just classic and timeless.  Today I chose these black and gold brocade print pants that are perfect for the holidays.  These pants in particular are only reserved for this time of year.  Something about the holidays just has me wanting to dress up all the time!

Adding a pop of red (my red lippie) always seems to do the trick when keeping things festive!  How are your holidays going?


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Feminine & Chic Holiday Gift Guide

Okay so don't walk..RUN! Can you believe we only have two days left until Christmas??  This year it's crazy because I feel so scatter brained and unplanned.  I have to write everything down--I need my lists but I've done none of that.  I've been doing a lot of winging it lately.  Surprisingly, things have still been working out, I guess that's good right?  So I'm hoping for the same when it comes to the rest of my Christmas shopping.  No, I have not finished, so yes I will be one of those last minute shoppers.  We will see how this goes, lol.  Fortunately for you, I'm helping you out and wanted to give you another guide for ideas.  Again, these are a mix up of items I love personally or something you could get your mom, sister, wife, friend, etcetera, etcetera...

I love extra feminine items and everything has to smell pretty!  Maybe someone in your life loves the same things too!  Don't forget you can click each individual item to take you to where you can purchase!

Friday, December 19, 2014


TGIF everyone!  Last month I shared with you a fun series that I'm working on with AMI Clubwear Today, I'm sharing part two in showing you another coat that's perfect for this season.  The weather is showing no mercy period point blank today.  Winter is pretty much here.  So I'm all bundled up-- throwing on a scarf and mittens was totally in the cards.  I'm not playing any games.  My hands get cold quick and I have to wear a scarf if I call myself getting anything done outside of the house.  I am completely over the moon for this royal blue coat.  It puts me in the holiday spirit with it's rich and vibrant color.  So I guess it was only appropriate to wear it when I did a little more Christmas shopping!  The leather detailing on the lapel and wrists are an added bonus.

Normally I go for a pair of leather gloves, but aren't these mittens with fur on the wrists cute??  I heard that mittens keep your hands warm the best and I've found that this is definitely true.  Add a cup of coffee or tea and I'm pretty much good to go! 

 Royal Blue Faux Leather Coat c/o AMI Clubwear | 'Holy Chic' T-Shirt: Old Navy | Scarf (Similar) | Blue Jeans: H&M | Fur trimmed Mittens (Similar) | Bag (Similar) | Boots: Target

How are you keeping warm this winter?  AMI Clubwear has some really cute coats to keep you warm this season.

**This post was sponsored by AMIClubwear.  Check out AMIClubwear's latest fashion line up online at**

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hair & Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

So here's the first of a few Holiday gift guides I'm going to be sharing with you all throughout the Christmas season.  I'm starting off with a guide for all the beauty and hair lovers in your life!  I've listed items that are a few must-haves for me personally like SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Line that I've heard great things about.  Your curls will thank you after using these luxe products.  Haven't even tried it yet, but over the years..SheaMoisture has always done my curls right!  A new curling wand is another item on my wish list to achieve sexy holiday curls!  I also want to use SheaMoisture's Makeup line!  So many beautiful colors.  Plus for the new year I'm trying to go a little more natural with my cosmetics.  This line is made with organic Shea Butter and is paraben and talc free!  I also really love doing at home manicures and I'm smitten with Gwen Stefani's new nail colors by OPI.  'Sleigh Parking Only' is my favorite color right now.  The color is bomb.  I've also listed Cnd's nail scrub sanitizer for all the Mani lovers out there!  My list goes on with other hot items!  Be sure to click each item, it will take you directly to it's site for purchase and pricing info!  SheaMoisture's hair products can be found at Target, Walgreens, and most CVS stores.  The SheaMoisture makeup line is sold exclusively at Target.  Again all other items are clickable and will take you to the direct location of where you can purchase.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pretty little Liners

So here are a few new gems I've just added to my beauty collection!  Recently I decided I needed to stock up on a few more lip liners.  I have so many lipstick shades and always feel like I have to wing it when it comes to liners.  I think I only have like 5 or 6 liners and compared to 25 plus lip shades, I needed more colors desperately.  I only purchased three colors: Vino, Soar, and Plum.

All but 'Plum' is new for me.  Do you know I lost my 'Plum' liner like 3 weeks ago after mixing up the perfect pink pout??  I hardly ever wear lighter pink colors, so I was super pumped when I got it just right.  I've had 'Plum' FOREVER.  Hardly ever used you know I was real irritated when I misplaced it.  I searched high and low for weeks.  So I finally gave up and just bought a new pencil--ugh.  I never loose anything, lol.  Anyway, I'm really excited about them all.  I love playing in makeup and I can't wait to try different combos with each pencil and lippies that I already have.

Recently, I mixed together 'Vino' + 'Plum' with a MAC lip shade 'Captive'.  A new favorite of mine that I will wear again.  I actually saw this color combo on Alex the makeup artist's instagram page.  She did Pam of Koils By Nature's makeup for a photo shoot and her look was FAB!  She used MAC Vino & Plum liner, but used MAC 'Craving' lipstick instead.  'Craving' is just about the exact same color as 'Captive', trust me I did a swatch at the counter, which saved me money.  Here's my combo:

I love it!  

Ladies, as a tip, make sure you either bring some of your lip shades with you in a cosmetic pouch OR make your own swatch card on paper that is labeled and bring it to the counter with you.  This will help you to keep track of what you already have or save you money on buying the same colors.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sweater Weather

Nothing says winter to me more than chunky knit, cozy sweaters! Chunky sweaters this season are my jam!  While in Target a few weeks ago, I found this perfect everyday sweater.  BUT it was retail price.  Being a regular Target shopper I always anticipate items going on clearance.  Just as I anticipated, the price dropped..but I still wasn't sold.  I checked online for the price the next day and to my surprise it went down in price again significantly!  Once I got to the store something told me to check my 'Cartwheel' app--a mobile app created by Target that notifies you of tons of savings.  Upon checking my app I was able to save an additional 25% off.  Now that's how I like to shop.  In total I purchased a sweater that retailed for $27.99 for $10.00--Yahtzee!!

Mossimo Pullover Turtleneck Sweater: Target (On Sale!) | White Jeans (Similar) | Suede Booties (Similar) | Bag (Similar)

Today, I traded out my distressed denim jeans for all white jeans for a minimalistic look.  I actually took a que from my own Winter Wardrobe Style Guide with this pairing.  You can view my guide HERE to get some ideas and inspiration of your own.

I'm so glad we got a break with 50 degree weather, sunshine, and no wind.  I was able to get so much done.  There's so much to do this holiday season.  Have you guys finished your Christmas shopping??


Saturday, December 13, 2014

One year down + a lifetime to go

Hello on this beautiful and gorgeous Saturday morning!  I have been such a busy little bee with work and doing lots of celebrating in my personal life.  First it all started with my hubby's birthday, which we made extra special because it was his 30th.  Then we had the Thanksgiving holiday.  My husband and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs. so you know I just HAD to make a big dinner!  It was so much fun and everything turned out pretty delicious!  Then finally, a week later we celebrated..our first year wedding anniversary!!!  In dedication to our celebration I decided to share just a few captures of our engagement/love shoot that we did just this past late summer/early fall!

I am so happy that our photographer was able to capture our love so beautifully.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a really nice time shooting.  Again, these are only a few photos I'm sharing because we want to use others for our save the date postcards we should be sending out very soon!

What do you think of my dress?  I purchased it from Anthropologie last Spring!  I love the colors and the material is so breezy.  This is the perfect dress to wear to a Spring or Summer wedding or for just going somewhere nice--Garden party perhaps? The dress is completely sold out, but here's something SIMILAR.

Being married for a year feels great and I am so excited about the many more years we have to come.    During this time, we were able to learn each other on a different level seeing how we hadn't lived together until we wed.  I am coming to learn that marriage is definitely a marathon and not a sprint.  It's not perfect, but it's still beautiful and after every disagreement or rough phase, you come out stronger and closer than before.  Love is a beautiful thing and if you have the chance to experience TRUE love through marriage you'll realize you are very blessed.  I've learned that real love is unconditional, it doesn't keep record of right and wrong, it brings joy, peace, and it seeks understanding.  It's forgiving.  There's nothing more greater than finding two people giving their 100% to each other.

I am so thankful for my husband who has loved me in spite of my flaws and most importantly is overall a good man.

We celebrated by going to this cozy little restaurant in our area called The Point at Phoebus that we both loved.  We had drinks and yummy Shrimp & Grits (My fave!) and Lobster Mac n Cheese!  So romantic and just a good time.  Here are a few snippets along with the flowers hubby surprised me with and a few gifts and tokens from our family!

Before I go I just want to share with you these beautiful words:

A marriage is measured by more than just years-
it's measured by living, by laughter, and tears...
by good times, contentment,
and dreams that come true...
and also by hard times
that love brings you through.

A marriage is greater than simply the sum
of all you've accomplished
and how far you've come...
it's the people whose lives you've touched in some way
and values you've stood for and lived day by day.

A marriage is measured by lessons you've learned,
examples you've set,
and respect you've earned.
It's forged in the balance
the two of you find
in partnership, friendship,
and love all combined.

Just part of my personal life I hope you enjoyed!  Have a great weekend lovelies!


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