Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chic Holiday Wardrobe | The Red Sweater Dress

Tis the season-- for cozy sweaters and rich colors!  The holidays have swung back around once again and while I'm sitting here realizing that Christmas is literally next week,  I'm also planning to be very intentional about making the most of this time by enjoying and celebrating each moment!  This is the time that I acknowledge and celebrate the birth of Christ and also celebrate life.  Something that I do everyday, but around this time I love to just get a little more glam and really reflect on the great moments I had over the year.

So far, I've been getting into the spirit of the holidays mostly with my wardrobe.  I've added quite a few sweaters to my closet recently, but I also came across an old favorite.  The red sweater dress.  I've had this sweater dress for a few years now and it has remained an old faithful.  The thick material keeps me warm and comfy while still feeling a bit festive and a little sexy too : )  This is definitely that go to item that I look forward to wearing every year.

I love the idea of wearing a pretty sweater dress during the Fall and Winter!  This dress is actually from Victoria's Secret and I purchased it when they still sold actual clothing.  I decided to play around with mixing texture, so I just wore these velvet boots to make the look super simple.  Don't you just love when you've had something in your closet for years and it has stood the test of time and fits like a glove?  That's why I love classics so much!  Every woman should have an arsenal of clothing especially dedicated to this time of year from full on glam to casual chic--just like this look here.  While this dress is no longer available I did make sure to link similar dress below in a few different colors too!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Style At Work | Chic & Modern with Ann Taylor

At the top of the year I started a new series here called 'Style At Work'.   The first installment was a bold beauty look to wear to a conference or board meeting.  You can view the post and video HERE in case you missed it.  I created this series because when I entered the working world years ago I had to learn through trial and error how to properly build my professional attire.  I was always out of ideas on what to really wear to the office that wasn't just a pair of black slacks and a white button up.  I always wanted my attire to still feel like Samara.  I aspired for an effortless and chic work wardrobe, so back then, I'd gain inspiration from style magazines.  Hopefully this series can be a guide for you to help with your professional look.  Not only that, but I'd like to make it a point to share my everyday lifestyle with you and that includes a bit more details involving my corporate lifestyle.  For me, it doesn't matter wether I need to wake up a little earlier to take the time to put myself together.  While looks aren't everything, I'm definitely a firm believer of dressing appropriately.

Recently I attended a three day business conference and this was one of the looks I wore.  My wardrobe reflects my lifestyle and is comprised of modern, classic, and chic/trendy pieces here and there.  I love making an outfit come together effortlessly and having items that can stand the test of time definitely helps me to achieve that.  I'm sure for most of you, your work place requires professional attire everyday with the exception of casual Fridays--But for me even then there are no tennis shoes or distressed denim allowed.  

I've just added these window pane printed pants to my collection from Ann Taylor and have so many ways that I'd like to wear them.  I just love when I can find a pant that is elegantly tailored to fit just right! 

This is definitely one of those outfits that you can literally get dressed in the dark in.  Black turtlenecks are on heavy rotation for me during fall and winter because they are timeless and pair well with everything.  Really--that's what it takes to make an outfit come together without really trying.  Having items that pair well with almost everything.  My sleeveless blazer was added as an extra layer for the am and cooler office temps and to also add more interest.  Under normal circumstances you will find me in a pair of flats, but for this particularly warmer afternoon, I went with a block heel to take things up a notch.  I'll be doing more of that in the upcoming months.  It will be a busy time for my office because of the upcoming General Assembly session in January.   I work for a state agency that is involved in assisting constitutional officers through budget and costs.  The General Assembly session is where legislation is made and an important time that provides us with new policy and budget changes that affect the constitutional officers for the fiscal year. Showing up and doing my job well is important to me--dressing the part is the icing on the cake.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home For the Fall Holiday

 I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend because I sure did.  This year was very chill for my husband and I and different from previous years.  We decided to spend our first Thanksgiving in our new home with just the two of us--which made for a very quiet and peaceful day.  I prepped our dinner the day before, doing things like brining our turkey as well as cutting and washing the collard greens.  Although I stayed up pretty late preparing I was up early to begin roasting the turkey.  I was determined to have everything done by 1pm!  Our Thanksgiving dinner included all the usual suspects you'd find on most families dinner tables.  I did, however, add a few new entrees that I've never made before--like stuffing--girl was a first, but it came out bomb.  My husband loved it and I was so glad because he can be such a picky eater, lol.  The rest of the weekend consisted of doing all of my favorite things.  I visited a new coffee shop downtown (where these photos were taken) and celebrated my guy's birthday this past Saturday.  After brunch that morning, I took him over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Terracotta Army exhibition.  We ended the night eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant downtown.  I also made an attempt to do some black Friday shopping which was a bust as far as savings were concerned because nothing I purchased (with the exception of two items) were on sale.  Don't you hate that??

The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year and really can't believe how fast we rolled around to it again.  I love the time off and always try to carefully plan how I want to spend it.  I'm always caught between deciding if I want to just flake out entirely because --we all deserve to do that sometimes right?  We all work and spend most of the day multi-tasking, sometimes its perfectly okay to just BE and sleep in.  However, there are just some parts of me that has to take advantage of every extra hour that I can get.  In my case it's organizing or home décor planning, driving out to see my family, and the list continues.  I also love sharing as much as I can here on Styled Chic so I'm always looking to upload my weekend experiences or style stuff  and that definitely takes time.

JORD watches decided to help me with keeping track of my time this season with this beautiful wooden and vintage rose watch.  I love for any jewelry or accessories that I own to be feminine and dainty.  Unless I'm going for a statement, timeless pieces like this are of everyday wear for me.  Since the holidays are officially in full swing, if you love this watch just as much as I do you can snag it for a deal with 25% off using the code STYLED25.  There are several other styles to choose from whether you'd like to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Be sure to visit HERE to gain access to your holiday savings!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Trunk Up Boutique Collaboration

Fall is in full swing and you guys, I can't tell you enough how much I am enjoying Richmond.  It's been 5 months since our move and my husband and I have been spending lots of time just getting to know the city during our free time.  I love that there is so much to do and each day we feel more and more at home.  Richmond has been such a easy city to adapt to.  This area is comprised of several other different cities & counties and just when you thought you've seen all there is to see, you discover more.  For me, I always find myself downtown, visiting coffee shops and boutique hotels.  I love sitting with my laptop, taking photos, and overall finding cool new things to experience.

A few weeks ago, I attended Richmond Fashion week and was introduced to a few different boutiques here in the city, one of which was a brand by the name of Trunk Up!  Trunk up provides trendy and affordable pieces to women under $50.  Isn't that awesome?  I was able to shop online and chose a few pieces to share with you guys and let me tell was so hard to choose just a few, lol.  I ended up going with this off-shoulder blouse which easily fits into my wardrobe.  I'm such a fan of this style of top.  I probably have an embarrassing number of them in my closet in several different colors and styles than I'm willing to admit.  I am always interested in pieces that compliment my figure in ways less thought of.  It's always refreshing to find different ways to style yourself.  There are so many ways to show off your femininity without going the obvious route.  I tend to gravitate towards this style of tops because I love how well they compliment my shoulders and neckline.  This time when deciding on how to wear the top I decided to dress it up a little and pair it with high-waisted slacks, heels, and this fisherman cap.

Aside from wearing jeans nearly 85% of the time, I loved wearing these black slacks in a setting other than work.  I'm really big on having items that I can transition from work to weekend.  Wearing these slacks more than once really makes me feel like I'm getting the most out of my wardrobe.  Lol, I used to watch a lot of  'What Not to Wear' so after all these years, their advice has just stuck when it comes to wardrobe tips.  The blouse I'm wearing actually has a bit of length to it, but I tucked it into the high waisted pants for this more classic look.

  I feel like I've been falling for a lot of trends this season, lol.  Something I normally don't do, but it feels good.  I was so excited when I found the fisherman hat I'm wearing because it's so chic and makes me feel like I'm on my way to Paris.  I almost feel like I had one before and got rid of it.  It's crazy how these things are selling for over $50!  Mine was purchased for under $20.  My kind of deal.  Thoughts?   Be sure to check out Trunk up Boutique if you like my blouse!  Now that I'm discovering so many chic boutiques, I've been so motivated to shop local. 

**This Post was brought to you by TrunkUP.  All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Statement Earrings

This Fall I have been loving statement earrings.  It all started when I attended Richmond Fashion Week and was introduced to another really cute local boutique called Tailor.  I completey fell in love with all of the accessories especially the earrings.  I ended up purchasing these beautiful fringe earrings that I'm wearing in the photo above and now I'm super obsessed with the style.  Fringe and tassel earrings will be my jewelry of choice this season and definitely throughout the holidays.  Since I love this style so much I wanted to share with you all my favorite statement earrings.  Most of them are fringe and fabric ball drop styles BUT I also included a few metal drop earrings as well as hoop earrings with a bit of a twist.  Enjoy my picks and leave a comment on which ones are your favorite!  Simply tap whichever pair you love to see the brand and price.  If you double click or tap there’s a link that takes you directly to the site.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Favorite | Sheer Midi Dress

Happy Monday guys! I'm coming off of an awesome three day weekend. I took some much needed time out of the office on Friday and spent the weekend restaurant hopping, discovering a new brewery, and going salsa dancing with my husband! A very fun weekend indeed and also great weather.

 This season I've been layering in a few different ways and as you can tell here and from my last post, I've really been loving sheer dresses and midis paired with my favorite jeans. I purchased this embroidered sheer midi dress from H&M last spring. It's sold out so I linked some similar pieces for you guys. Embroidered clothes have done really well this season and I even bought a pair of black embroidered jeans as well.  My black mules are of course from a favorite boutique here in Richmond, Sweetest Stitch.  I just love the combination of the sheer black with the embroidered rose patches because it's sophisticated and a little sexy but not over the top. You can definitely dress this up or wear it casually as I've done here. It's always cool to try different silhouettes and mix up your style. Since I've finally gotten my closet to the organized standard that I like since our move, I've been challenging myself to work my wardrobe. Wear what I have in different ways. Try something new.  Here are the results.  If you're  looking for ways to try something new with your style, I say take a trend and make it your own.  I'm not one to hop on the band wagon of everything that hits the runway, but I do find that trends can be fun if you put your spin on it in a small way.  I think this midi is perfect to try this season.  How are you mixing up your style this Fall?  Would you like to try something new but are afraid to step out and be a little different?  Tell me your thoughts!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Polka Dots + Fall Style with Who What Wear

Happy Fall everyone!  I've teased you all who follow me on IG long enough with this look so here are the details.  One of my favorite prints this season are polka dots.  Although it has been very trendy for the past few seasons, I truly believe that it is a staple that will stand the test of time--a classic.  This look features what is actually a maxi dress from the Who What Wear Summer collection.  I got a little inspiration from their website and  decided to make it casual by pairing with my favorite jeans and black mules.  The dots definitely have a Parisian flare-- which those whom have followed me over the years know that I love this style.  Black and white pieces will forever remain a constant thread throughout my closet because ultimately they make for very chic outfits!  Adding a red lip was just the glaçage sur le gateau!

Mostly everything that I am wearing is sold out but I've linked some very similar items below.  Also, my black mules are from Sweetest Stich.

With only a few months away from a brand new year, this season change just makes me realize how yet another year has gone by and how quickly time passes.  What are you doing to optimize your time?  Do you have any goals you'd like to hit in the last few months of this year?  For me, there are some.  As I continue to work on those things I am definitely going to continue to reflect and enjoy the Autumn weather.


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