Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Color Cravings

Coincidentally, I happened to match today's location with my slouchy H&M button up almost perfectly, lol.  You can't really tell the top is slouchy of course, because I tucked it in my jeans to give it a more prim feel.  That's what I love most about styling is that you can make items your own and play with many different looks.  I pretty much live for tops like these and often throw things like this on during the weekends.  Since it is only Tuesday, we'll keep it professional and cute shall we?

Colors that I've been craving this season are mostly ones like this beautiful deep Green and of course Berry and Bordeaux colors!  These colors definitely warm my skin tone and feel so Fall appropriate!
Flannel Shirt: H&M | Diamond Studs: Gifted | Dark Denim Jeans: Lauren Conrad | Beaded Necklace: Express | Watch: F21 | Bordeaux Bag: F21| Boots: JcPenny

**BONUS: If you've been roaming around on my other social media handles you'll know that I've FINALLY taken down my crochet braids!  It was fun and so convenient not having to worry about actually "doing" my hair.  So much so that I think I got a little spoiled!  I've become such a lazy gal when it comes to hair nowadays--blah.  I ended up flat ironing my hair out of complete boredom so here's a style that I whipped up today.  A simple swoop bang and low bun.  My hair is so fluffy and big--I love it!  I'll be providing you guys more details later but in the meantime make sure you are following me via all social media outlets which are just in the top right corner for the inside scoop!**

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall's Perfect Pair: Leather & Denim

Leather Jacket: F21 | Denim Shirt: H&M | Jeans: F21 | Bag: Target | Ankle Boots: JC Penny | Necklace: F21

This weekend was so relaxing.  The Fall weather is slowly creeping in and it felt great!  Clear, sunny skies, and a slight breeze.  I literally threw this on as I headed out the door to run errands and sight see with my hubby!  Leather and denim make the perfect pair.  You'll probably see this jacket a whole lot this fall and winter. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Proctective Styling | Final Thoughts On the 'Xpress Your Kinks Collection'

Hey there everyone!  Well as you know, I've been wearing crochet braids for the past three months (feels like forever!).  It's been my protective style to really give my hair a much needed break and I have been absolutely loving it!  The last time I discussed my hair I had the twists.  As you can see from my last few posts, I've taken them down and have been wearing the hair as a twist out.  The process of taking them down was fairly easy but time consuming.  I think it took me like 4 or 5 hours to take them down completely (I took breaks in between).  I've been enjoying the low maintenance and the fact that I can literally just fluff and go.   It has been such a help for me in the mornings!

First things first, I looove the color!  I thought adding this beautiful cinnamon color would give me a change without commitment (I haven't had a color or highlights in my hair in 8 years).  I also loved how it looked against my skin tone.

Second, this is a no tangle zone :).  This hair did very very well with not tangling up on me and feeling matted.  I mean especially after three months you would think it'd be a matted mess.  Although I was hesitant I kept my scalp cleansed throughout the duration of this style, it was important to me to get rid of most build up.  I used shampoo directly on my scalp and rinsed.  Of course the hair got wet and I didn't loose any definition.  Once my hair air dried I just applied my favorite hair butter by Koils by Nature and just sort of scrunched it through my hair.  I will be completely honest here and say that I did get a knot here and there, but nothing too big enough that a great pair of scissors couldn't fix.

Third, I received so many compliments on this hair.  From young to old, men and women, all races were very excited about it, lol.  I'm pretty confident in my own style choices whether I get compliments or not but it really felt nice to receive nice feedback from unlikely places.  I think it was the volume and the color of the hair that really won people over!

If you'd like to check out the company of this hair, head over to www.xpressyourKinks.com!  The website is well organized and very easy to navigate.   I also love following them on Instagram to see how other women are wearing their kinks!

What protective styles have you been wearing?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Making Statements

Well these beautiful gems are certainly in heavy rotation right now!  They are all birthday gifts from my loved ones.  I absolutely love them all.  Accessories give me that help I need when my outfit is a bit plain.  I love all styles of jewelry, so depending on my mood or what just goes best with an outfit, you can catch me pretty much wearing it all!  From a prim and proper string of pearls to Boho rings with giant stones!

Let me show you what I've got here.  Most are statement necklaces.  Statement necklaces for me just add that Va Va Voom to what would otherwise be a plain outfit.  Most of the time I wear these throughout the week to work.  What I love about the top Sapphire stoned piece is that it matches the color of my birthstone : )  I just love how this beautiful stone looks against my skin tone.  Below it is one of my favorites from Express that's threaded with heavy metal and beads that makes me feel like a rock star every time I wear it.  Next is my little boho piece that's just simple but pretty enough to stand out.  I really love this amethyst beauty!  Finally my prim blush and fuchsia necklace is so gorgeous!  I love wearing it with my 'Girl about Town' lip pie by MAC!

Do you have jewelry that is in heavy  rotation right now?  What are some of your favorites to wear?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


When I started Styled Chic 2 1/2 years ago, I wanted to create a name for my site that I could identify with.  Something that reflected me, my style, and the way I thought about my wardrobe.  If you've read my 'About Me' section you will know that I am obsessed with Parisian street style.  It's the simplicity and sophistication that has completely inspired me.  The word 'Chic' is french and means to be elegantly and stylishly fashionable.  After taking french in high school, I often fantasied about visiting Paris.  Walking the streets in black heels and red lipstick.  Having a latte while people watching or reading the paper ; )  For me, this definition completely described what 'Styled Chic' is all about.  

Recently, I was at work helping a student in the office.  After I was done I walked back to my desk and to my surprise, a premium quality t-shirt was folded neatly near my computer key board.  "What's this??"  I asked out loud.  "Ohh, I was just in Kohls and I saw it-- I immediately thought of you.  It's you and it goes with your blog."  Responded my co-worker.  All I could do was say thank you and of course hug her repeatedly.  Lol, I'm a hugger.  Not only was I excited about the shirt but grateful and humbled by what had just happened.  

To some, it may be just a t-shirt, but to me it means so much because of the support.  It also feels great to know that someone can see the word 'Chic' and associate it with me and my blog : )  Let alone even read my blog, lol.  This experience also let me know that there are actually people out there who do care and are giving.  I don't know why but I am still always a little surprised with support from family and close friends.  Maybe because I know there are others out there that don't receive that.  I guess that could explain my feelings of humbleness.  Sometimes I can put a wall up with others because I'm not so sure, but yes, there are people out there who pay attention to some of your interests.  This definitely gave me a change of thinking.  A very sweet gesture that will not go unnoticed. I'm always so excited about the little things.

Necklace: Darling Dispositions (Sold Out) | 'Chic' T-Shirt c/o: Teri Leclear | Distressed Jeans: F21 (Old) | Faux Suede Sling Back Pumps: F21

I've finally broken out my tweed sweater.  I love this jacket.  Dressed up, mixed and matched, or dressed down, it gives me the perfect little mix with these distressed jeans.  I have such a soft spot for distressed jeans.  These just feel good and are so comfortable.  Happy Fall : )

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At this point it's no secret that I'm the type of woman who loves to maximize her wardrobe!  Today I'm showing you how you can take this beautiful magenta romper from day to evening.  First of all, I love the beautiful color of this romper.  I also adore the two strap detail at the neckline.  This idea of day to evening works perfect in a situation of limited dress options.  Let's say you've lost your luggage on a trip OR you just simply want to keep the same thing on all day-- I'll show you how to switch things up a bit.


So for day time you definitely want to keep things light and fun.  I chose to pair the romper with this cool jean jacket.  The jean jacket is a staple piece.  It's perfect for dressing down an outfit and making it look chic.

Style Tip:  Give your denim jacket a lived in vibe by rolling up this sleeves a bit.

You also want to choose a pair of cute flat sandals--comfortable for walking around at the mall, in town, or running errands.

Here I have a neutral colored clutch, but it comes with straps that you can take and turn into a crossbody bag!  This is great because you will be hands free--able to shop and romp around town!


Later that evening of course you'll want to create a more dramatic look.   Adding black is the easiest way to do this.  I chose this this  3/4 sleeve single button blazer.  It works because the cut goes nicely with the style of the romper.  It's also light weight and really comfortable.
Next, adding a bold clutch gives you a bit of pop to your outfit.  I'm a huge fan of animal prints.   This colored cheetah print clutch gives you a little fun.
Finally,  adding a pair of strappy heels always works.  It's pretty evident that if you're going out for a night out on the town heels are the way to go.  It just gives you a more polished and sleek look.

I kept the accessories pretty simple.  I love my statement pieces, but small dainty necklaces and bracelets are more me.  I just love this Amethyst necklace!

'McKenzie' Blazer: Darling Dispositions | Magenta Cross-back Romper: Darling Dispositions | Amethyst Necklace: Express | Bracelets: F21 | Cheetah Clutch: H&M | Heels: Kohl's | Snake Skin Sandals: H&M

Friday, September 12, 2014

Your Fall Style 2014

The best fashion advice that I can give is to use what you already have!  Ever hear that saying of the woman who has nothing to wear, yet has a closet full of clothes?  Well, I can admit that at times I find myself in the same style rut.  Fortunately with a little time of rummaging around in my closet I'm able to really maximize most of my clothes and create some really cute looks.

Let me guide you in how to style some of those items you never really wear.  Or maybe give a different spin on how you would wear them.  I chose pieces that I felt that most of you reading this may already have or that are on trend.  If you are out shopping for this season, you are sure to come across most of these items in stores today.

With a mix of blazers, leather jackets, four pairs of shoes, skirts, and prints you can create TONS of chic outfits.  Here is a cheat sheet from me to you:

Your Fall Style 2014

Your Fall Style 2014

Your Fall Style 2014

As you can see it's really just all about mixing and matching.  Have fun with it!  Mix prints like I did in look #14.  I even threw in some outfits you can wear to work!  I can't even really pick a favorite because I love them all.

Be aware of your body shape

If you are shopping for similar items  be aware of your own frame.  Take note into how jeans or pants fit on you.  Lengths and styles of skirts may vary as well.

I love this season because you are able to layer.  You'll see in most of my looks that I've done just that.

What do you think?  How do you plan to mix and match your wardrobe this season?


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