Friday, February 20, 2015

Wedding Planning with Minted

So 'YAY' to successful wedding planning thus far!  I'm so excited!  Our venue is officially booked, which is a HUGE item to check off on the list (Yes Lord!), so now we are on to the next 'To- Do'!  The next step is to send out 'Save The Date' postcards, something I am really excited about.  Since some of our guests are traveling it's very important to give them all a heads up on our celebration before our official invitations go out.  I was recently introduced to pretty much had me at 'Hello'. is an online market place that offers stationary including wedding invites, holiday cards, wall art, party decor, day planners, you name it!  What's cool is that the illustrators are made up of a community of designers and artists from all over the world.  I am a very visual person.  I love color, uniqueness, creativity, and style.  Minted is like a playground for me.  They offer so many unique designs, which has now made it difficult to choose a design to go with for my save-the-dates, lol!  You can also of course personalize your invites.  Making only a few minor tweaks to create them exactly how you'd like.

Here are 5 designs that made the cut and trust me, this was really hard because  there are hundreds of designs I loved.  With the five that I chose I was either feeling the font, color, or design.  Over the next few days I will be making a final decision.  In the meantime, I'd suggest you check out  If you are planning your wedding, allow me to suggest checking out the Save the Date Collection.  Minted has more to offer than just wedding invites so browse this site for other items as well.  If you're style is similar to mine, I know you'll love it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#SheaLove: Shea Moisture Makeup Haul + Beauty Look

The Shea Moisture cosmetic line has been #1 on my beauty list of things to try.  You all know that Shea Moisture and I have a long history together.  This was the first brand that I used when I went natural 5 years ago.  With the company adding makeup to their brand, it made me love the company even more.  I guess you can imagine my excitement when I received almost all of the items I wanted this past Christmas.  I shared beauty item ideas to get for the 'Make-up' girl in your life and I guess my hubby and family were paying attention!  So, I've been using these items for the past few months and I am very pleased.  Today I'll be sharing a step-by-step makeup look using my new products. Keep in mind that these are only some of the items I received and I plan on sharing more later in another post.

1.  Moisturize:  Before I begin, I like to moisturize my skin using the Coconut & Hibiscus Spot Correcting Moisturizer.  I love this because it's not greasy, yet has a consistency that makes my skin feel adequately hydrated.  Oh and the smell is wonderful!  I haven't used this product long enough to see the spot correcting effects, so I will update you girls on that later.  So far, it's been my favorite for 2 months!

2.  Prime:  Next I like to prime my skin.  This is a really important step for me because it gives me a clean canvas to start with.  Primer gives my makeup longevity throughout the day.  There are so many great ingredients like Vitamin A & E and Shea butter in the primer as well.  It's great for oily and acne prone skin.  What I love most is that it's paraben, mineral oil, and fragrance free AND Hypoallergenic & Noncomedogenic!

3.  Conceal:  Using the color correcting, contour, and highlighting palette really DOES SOMETHING.  I apply the cream to any dark spots that I have on my skin and I've noticed after apply my sheer foundation--just the way it sets is amazing. I'm using the Medium Light palette.  

Normally on a light day, I'll apply concealer and powder only.  On a weekend I will do a little more.  Today I used the sheer foundation.  I love this because it's very buildable.  With the concealer it works perfectly.  It gets the job done in giving you a little coverage but not making you feel like you have on too much.    The only thing about this foundation is it tends to make me a little shiny after awhile.  I guess this is because this foundation is meant to give you more of a dewy finish.  The color I am using is 'Chincoteague Chestnut'.   I would suggest studying the color guides which should be located underneath the price labels at your local Target.  I normally match the color to my inner and outer wrists to evaluate the color I'm looking for.  I also go off of history of which hues of liquid foundations I've used before.  

4. & 5.  Define & Apply Shadow:  Next up are my eyes.  I actually used this blush in 'Casablanca Copper' to define my crease and the eyeshadow 'Montana' for my eyelids.  You can use the shadow wet or dry.  I absolutely love this shadow.  I would recommend using it wet for an evening look as it seems to be more pigmented this way.

6.  Highlight & Blend:  Okay now this is definitely my favorite step of all.  Highlighting my under my eyes pulls my makeup look all together and gives life back to my face.  Remember after you apply foundation it sort of makes your face blank and flat.  The importance of highlighting and contouring is to bring dimension back to the face.  You want to look radiant and this is the trick.  I highlight under my eyes, my nose, and the center of my forehead.  My pink tool is the Beauty Blender.  If you haven't used this tool YOU MUST.  I can definitely tell a deference in application with this.

Blending this all together is very important.  The key is in the blending and that's what I am doing in the second row of photos with a small brush.

Once blending is done, I apply a powder to set my sheer foundation and also apply a little blush to contour my cheek bones.  I'm really satisfied with the finish.

7.  Lips:  Last, I apply a lip liner and lipstick to complete my look.  I'm using the color combo that I told you guys about in my pretty little liners post.  After this I usually go back and highlight my eyebrows or just double check them making sure they are defined the way I like them.

Finished Look!

Above I've linked the items that I've used directly to where you can purchase if they aren't available at your local Target.  I love my results.  The way the makeup works with my skin is amazing.  I love how smooth my skin looks and I've gotten feedback from others of how well it appears.  What is also really great is the price point of these products.  This line definitely has been added to my holy grail, especially when I don't have the budget to shop in department stores for more expensive brands.  How do you like this look? Let me know in the comments if you've tried the Shea Moisture makeup line!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Leather & Fur

So I'm finding that I still have items in my closet that I rarely wear.  I didn't think I'd have this issue since I tend to re-organize my closet regularly, donating or throwing out items I don't wear or that are just out of style.  Welp, I found these grey stoned washed pair of jeans and thought I'd give them a spin.  Quickly, I learned why I don't wear them that much, lol.  I'm always showing you guys  clothes that I love.  Part of styling and building your wardrobe is finding out what you don't love or isn't the best fit.
 These pair of jeans in particular caught my eye because of the color and wash. I remember, they were on sale, that's why I bought them, lol.  I'd like to think I was stepping out of my box this day just because I normally go for dark washed or black jeans at this time of year.  For the sake of the new year and my own style resolutions, I tried giving this pair another chance.  What I don't like about these jeans is the feel.  Ugh.  I want to love them, but if I'm not comfortable in them--they gotsta go.  Yes GOTSTA go, lol.  This is why they are sitting folded under the other mounds of jeans that I have--and have been there for months.  I normally buy stretch jeans.  I love stretch jeans.  They are the most comfortable and have so much give I can do anything in them.  These just feel so stiff.  Ugh.  Out they go.  But they look good right?  Lol, welp, I guess that's all that matters!

Leather Jacket: F21 | Faux Fur Vest: F21(Similar) | Grey Jeans (Old) (Similar) | Sheer Blouse: F21 (Similar) | Brown Boots: (Similar)

Have you ever purchased something just because it was on sale and thought you were getting the best deal ever?  Ever had a couple items in your closet that had to go but you've kept because you just "couldn't let go"?  Well, I'm saying sayonara to these suckas.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mid Week Work Chic

Work Week Accessories

Over the years I have become more and more organized when it comes to my day to day routine and work week.  Although I could still use some improvement, I have always been a planner.  I love staying organized and like for things to be as neat and orderly as possible.  I sound so type A don't I?  Truthfully I'm really not.  Far from it at times.  Sometimes things get so cluttered in my bag that I can't even find my ATM card.  I often call my purse "The Pit", I mean stuff is just everywhere and it can be so nerve racking when you can't find something you really need at the moment.  This is why every night or whenever needed, I clean out my bag and I organize.  There are a few little tools and accessories that I carry that help me stay on track.  The others are just so chic and cute that I just enjoy having as accessories.  Take a look and click each number because I've provided direct links to what I have or items that are similar:

I am fashion blogger so I should have TONS of bags right?! Wrong.  This is the bag that goes with me everywhere.  I know you guys are probably sick to death of seeing it, but it's really a fave of mine.  I'm practical when it comes to bags during the week, so having a big bulky bag is a no go.  This one is the right size and has a shoulder strap that I can take off and on when needed.

Uhm. TEAM IPHONE!  Yep.  I've finally crossed over and I must say I'm loving my decision.  I keep important appointments on my electronic calendar for backup and notification when it comes close to the date.  What is also important are my apps.  Being a blogger I like to keep up with social media and all kinds of communication that will connect me to you, friends & family as well.  Let's not forget the obvious things like texting and phone calls throughout the day!

I enjoy a hot drink almost every other morning.  Normally it's Green tea.  Now that we are in the middle of winter I like to keep warm when I'm leaving the house in the mornings and going outside to warm up the car.  Isn't this little traveler mug cute??  It's my favorite right now and so me!  Very chic for a girly girl like myself.  I purchased it from Starbucks online (Sorry it's sold out : ( ) and I really am glad I got in the knick of time-- it's limited edition.

It's been so cold during the day that I like to wear my sunglasses to keep the wind from slapping me too hard in the face, lol.  As you can tell from my last post, I really love eyewear.  I scored these chic shades for 40% off at the Loft just recently. Super cute!  Check out my Instagram to see how I look in them!

I think I've been carrying a planner since the 5th grade, lol.  Call me little Miss To-DO.  Something about writing out a To-Do List, appointments, reminders, and little notes just make me tick.

I happened to find this treasure at a thrift shop for $8!  Yes, I almost collapsed.  I promise I always end up finding the best deals.  I have a regular sized wallet and I also carry this one that keeps my loose change and cards I use on a regular basis.  My larger wallet was just too bulky with my coins.  This one does the trick, that way I can easily access any change I need without having to DIG, isn't that annoying??

I try to bring a lunch to work everyday.  I love homemade food.  So I figure I should have something cute to bring it in.  My bag is actually a lunch bag by Nicole Miller that I found in Marshalls, but this one is similar.  

Ah yes.  Even when I wear light makeup throughout the week I like to keep a little chapstick or gloss on hand.  Sometimes I'll even throw a nail file or nail polish in there too because you just never know!  

How do you like to stay organized throughout the week?  I'm sure I'll be adding more accessories to my collection. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Firmoo Eyewear

Did you know that I wore prescription glasses?  Well, surprise, surprise I have four eyes!  Normally I wear my contact lenses, which is probably why you haven't seen them in fashion posts.  If you follow along with my on Instagram, you more than likely have seen a few frames that I wear at home.  Now I'll let you in on a little secret.  It's actually a bit of an embarrassing story now that will reveal just how obsessed I am with glasses.  When I was in the Fourth grade I actually pretended to have eye trouble just so that I could get glasses.  LOL!  I know, terrible right?  I went to my exam and for the most part honestly told the Optometrist the letters that I could and could not make out--but there were a few that I just pretended not to know.  It's funny because once I got my new glasses I could actually see better (I'm Nearsighted).  So in my defense it wasn't a total lie, lol.  

So yes, I am obsessed with different frames.  Why?  Because I love changing and playing with different looks.  Imagine my excitement when it came to having the opportunity to picking out new eye wear with!  Firmoo is a global optical online store that is so easy to order from.  Simply obtain your prescription from your Optometrist, choose a frame online, enter your prescription, choose the type of lens you need, and complete your order.  Easy peezy.  

When you get into pricing, it's actually pretty good for frames.  Of course depending on the type of prescription there will be additional fees.  If you want Non Prescription and want to add a tint or other things like that is where you will start to climb with your total cost.  

I went with Tortoise shell because I already own a pair of black frames.  I really love this look of course because it's chic and versatile.  I also love the classic round shape, as I tend to always go for square or rectangle frames.  Change is good : ) I like both styles.  I have an oval shaped face so most of these types tend to compliment me very well.

My overall experience with Firmoo was great!  My pair of glasses came with a sturdy case, lens cloth, and a handy little screwdriver.  I'd most definitely recommend!  Affordable price, great quality--you can't beat that!  Right now, there's a BOGO right now of Buy one, get one Free on all glasses! HURRY!

Tell me what you think of my new glasses in the comments below!  Do you like?

Buy Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses Online, Reading Glasses, Fashion Eyewear on

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Style Resolutions + Bold Colors

HELLO EVERYONE!  Happy New Year!  How has your new year been going thus far?'s just been way too long!  I haven't talked with you all since the Christmas holiday.  So much has gone on in the past month that has kept me away.  Sickness + extended hours at work + changes in my personal life-- it all has been a bit of a juggling act and I've had to manage my time more wisely.  My New Year holiday was spent in bed for several days trying to get over a cold.  I hate being sick.  It makes me feel so unproductive.  Once I got over that, it was back to a super busy work schedule with extended hours.  So now, FINALLY, after about a month..I'm back to my old blogging self, ready to share some fresh content with you guys!  I've got a few new things coming so make sure you are subscribed or following me via my other forms of social media to keep up!

One of my style resolutions this winter was to add more bold colors to my outfits.  Add just a little dash of Solange pep to things, ya know?  A few posts back you saw my beautiful royal blue coat that I can't get enough of!  Now I'm on to this lovely Fuchsia coat!  While wandering the aisles of Target on one of my days off, I scored this coat for a bargain too awesome to pass up.  Along with my Cartwheel App and Red Card I saved so much! 
Adding that pop of color to what would otherwise be a simple outfit just changes everything!  While we're adding color, why not mix it up with one of my one of my favorite patterns--Stripes!  So fun and playful.  Makes for a perfect contrast with these grey skies over here on the East Coast.

Belted Fuchsia coat: Target (Similar) | B&W Striped blouse: The Limited (Similar) | Black Ripped Jeans: F21 (Similar) | Boots (Not shown): JcPenny (Similar)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Brocade Holiday Style

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and continue to enjoy this holiday season!  During this time there's so much celebration going on that wearing something that can take you from work to evening cocktails would definitely be wise.  I love to wear things that are just classic and timeless.  Today I chose these black and gold brocade print pants that are perfect for the holidays.  These pants in particular are only reserved for this time of year.  Something about the holidays just has me wanting to dress up all the time!

Adding a pop of red (my red lippie) always seems to do the trick when keeping things festive!  How are your holidays going?



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