Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Getting To Know Richmond + Sweetest Stitch Collaboration

Happy August to you!  A new month and a fresh start for new opportunities, experiences, and also...exploring!  I'm always really excited to take on a new city and now that I've gotten a little more settled on the home front, I've been getting around Richmond more to explore all the restaurants, coffee shops, and other small businesses as I enjoy doing.  So far, what I love about Richmond is the food and the small boutiques!  Food and fashion will always go hand in hand for me, lol.  Local boutiques are quickly becoming my favorite because of the more one-of-a-kind options.  I like the fact that I can shop a boutique and have more unique options and really make an item my own and not have to feel like there are a thousand other dresses out there just like mine.   I also love supporting local vendors and let me tell you, this city definitely has some of the best.  

I had the opportunity to visit a chic local boutique called Sweetest Stitch.  The store offers chic contemporary apparel, shoes, and accessories and I completely fell in love with everything it has to offer.  Not only that, but the shopping experience was amazing.  I love how bright, organized, and beautiful the store was.  The dress options were so pretty and I ended up picking out this beautiful floral Maxi wrap dress!

This dress is so easy and breezy, which is definitely the style I go for during this time of the year.  Also the perfect outfit to wear when dining around town.  I really love the wrap detail as well as the leg action that you can make as subtle or as noticeable as you want!  The color is also so flattering against my more melaninated sun kissed skin tone. 

On this day I went to have something sweet at a dessert only restaurant and spend the rest of the afternoon site seeing.   I thought styling this dress with a sort of Cognac colored bucket bag and caged blocked heels would be great for a day time look.  Plus the maxi dress is pretty long so I like the fact that I can wear heels and the length of the dress isn't compromised.

My summer style has been pretty minimal because most of my items are still in boxes. However, I am meticulously working on my closet to get everything hung the way I like.  I didn't mention before that I'm working with a bigger closet space so it's really exciting to plan out how I want my items to be organized.  I've already purchased new hangers and such to make things more uniform and color coordinated cause you OCD is real when it comes to visuals, lol.  Anyway, I will be sharing more with you all as I make my way around town.  If you aren't in the area to shop Sweetest Stitch in person, you can shop online as well!

**This Post was brought to you by Sweetest Stitch.  All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Monday, July 17, 2017

Natural Hair Treatment with Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things after the move into our new home.  If you've purchased a home before you know that it takes some time to get settled in.  My focus has really been on resting, enjoying all of the time that I now have back, as well as organizing and really making our house a home.  Now that certain parts of the house feel more like home, I'm getting back into the swing of my normal routines of taking more care of my skin and hair.  The last video that I uploaded over on my YouTube Channel, I shared with you guys my wash routine and a few styles I had been wearing to save on time.  I don't even remember the last time I really wore a twist out or anything other than a bun or wash n go, and it's been so long since I've purchased new products that I've been interested in.  Now that I'm more comfortable and not getting home every night at 7pm, I have time to really tend to my hair like I want to.

These days I'm really getting back to the basics of caring for my hair.  One of my goals as far as products go, has been to use most to all of what I already have now before I even think about buying other products.  Fortunately I've been able to receive a few as gifts to review, but I'm now at the point where I'm ready to try some new things.

I've seen so much of the Mielle Organics products on social media lately, well really the past year or so and this particular line has been #1 on my list to try out.  I follow the instagram page and a lot of other naturals have given the line great reviews, so you know I had to try it for myself to see what the hype was about.  Not only did the packaging appeal to me because I mean I can never say no to natural products in pink packaging, but I also follow the owner and after hearing her story and how this brand got started, I knew that this was a hair company that I wanted to spend my hard earned coins.  

Monique Rodriguez, registered nurse, turned CEO of Mielle Organics used her science background and focus on health to create her products and share her own regimen of healthy hair.  That alone really appealed to me so I found myself shopping the aisle of Sally Beauty supply ready to try these products out.  I ended up purchasing two products from this line based on what my hair really needs right now.  My hair has been a little dry and my ends aren't really the best so I figured a good deep conditioner would do me right.   

So I paid about $12 for this product and it was worth every penny.  I was attracted to this product because it contains mint and is said to infuse the hair with protein and moisture to restore dry and damaged hair.  It also contains Babassu Oil, an oil that I'm not really familiar with, but after a little research discovered that it has benefits that improve hair and scalp health.  More importantly I'm getting back to my roots and want to use more products that are made with certified organic ingredients.

The results are in and this conditioner is definitely an added favorite to my shower caddy, lol.  Not only did it literally melt my tangles away but the mint...the MINT..felt so invigorating on my scalp.  The smell isn't too over powering either.  I have allergies and am really sensitive to strong scents and this one passed my nose test.  Literally no sinus tingles while using this product, lol.  

My hair felt so soft and I seriously enjoyed using this product.  Not only did my hair feel moisturized but my husband complimented the smell of my hair the next day.  I'm not sure about you guys, but I love when my hair has a fresh scent that lasts for a few days. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Beginnings | Purchasing Our First Home

In my last post I told you guys the month of May would be really busy.  So I've been away--but for a good reason.  Last month my husband and I closed on our FIRST HOME!  We are so happy and so excited for this next chapter in our lives as HOMEOWNERS.  Purchasing a home has always been a goal for us and I am so happy that we were able to achieve it!  We are so incredibly thankful and grateful to God for blessing us with this gorgeous house that came along when we least expected it.

 The road to finding a home that fit both of our needs with a nice location took us a few months.  To be honest, the buying process went so smoothly (Thanks to a our awesome realtor).  The most challenging part of all this came more so with our commute.  Now as you may know we were commuting about an hour and a half every day for work and I'm so glad it's over. The long hours, constantly feeling like you never have enough time in the day, trying to juggle our personal time together, and organizing the move itself got old.  It was also a lot when working full time and trying to run Styled Chic.  So, it feels good to have my evening hours back and not to be so far away from home.  I get to come home and have some extra hours to relax, cook, and get back to sharing with you guys here on the blog.  

What I love about our house is that it has the character and charm of an older home because it was built in 1978, but it is also very modern with updated fixtures, lighting, and appliances. I love that we have both hardwood floors and carpet as well as an open floor plan for dining and entertaining!  Plus a deck!  I am so excited to get started with decor and really making our house a home.   

Growing up my parents always would tell my sister and I "Home comes first."  I understand that even more now because it's true.  The materialistic aspect of purchasing a home for the first time feels great and it's a really big accomplishment-- But I think it's also really important to understand that for me it's not about the hype of the house, but building a foundation of family, love, and peace.  Your home should be shelter and a place of serenity--a place of joy!  That's what we intend to do. This is such an exciting time and I intend to take you guys along the journey with me.  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Life in Full Bloom With Erin Condren

My work and home life have picked up so much over the past few months.  You guys have heard me mention in my videos and posts here that I have long work days due to a longer commute to my current 9 to 5.  And judging from my last post you all know that preparation is very important to me.  I try to do my best to spend my down time planning and scheduling almost everything that I have going on to keep me on track.  Not only do I have to stay on top of important meetings I have throughout the week, I also have hard deadlines that I need to adhere to when it comes to blogging and working with various brands.  Whether I'm recording a video to review a beauty product or writing a post to review a specific item-- it takes time.  Time to brainstorm, create, write, take photos, and to edit.  A long time ago I use to underestimate the time I thought it would take for me to write a blog post from scratch.  Now I know the importance of setting aside time in my schedule for each individual step so that I may relay thoughtful information.  Not to mention completing my work with great quality and marking my work with the Styled Chic flair that everyone loves.  Finally, Now that my husband and I are closing in on a moving date to the city we work in things are really picking up.  

Imagine my relief and excitement when I received a box full of help from Erin Condren to not only keep me on schedule but also to make my planning fun.  Normally writing down all of my important appointments are cut and dry.  With the Erin Condren LifePlanner™it gives me motivation to organize everything.  As you can see the  LifePlanner™ is very colorful, chic, and has one of my life mantras along with my name written across the cover.  If that's not enough to get you motivated to plan, there are various accessories such as stickers that are themed for each month, occasion, and event as well as markers with regular and fine tip to even color code everything.

What I appreciated even more was a special invitation to attend a pop up event in Charlottesville to see more and hear more about the brand.  I always love meeting with brands face to face and getting to know more about Erin Condren's  LifePlanner™inspired me to have a different approach when it came to organizing my time.  There were so many planners on display at the event serving as examples on how to use the planner.  It really inspired me to get creative in how to keep notes that will serve as attention grabbing reminders.  The signature mocktails, desserts, and extra goodies by Erin Condren were also a nice touch.

Since receiving my planner, I've literally been able to style my life!  With all of the custom accessories it makes it easy to create a style of your own based on your personality.  While I chose a colorful cover with flowers because --that's my thing, you can very well go the more simplistic route or chose a look based on your taste free of charge. 

With all of the encouraging quotes inserted throughout the  LifePlanner™ for each month as well as chic stickers, it kind of makes it hard not to want to get organized.  I am really able to make my LifePlanner™ my own by incorporating the beautiful personalized accessories so that it that makes it easy to keep all of my projects and plans fresh and my creativity flowing.  If you know me well, you know that I have collected various planners over the years.  The LifePlanner™ is just a must have so I'm happy to add it to my chic collection.  I feel like I've taken things up a notch with Erin Condren.  For a little while I resorted to keeping track of my entire life in my iPhone as a result to carrying a smaller work bag, but this is just great for back up and more cute in my opinion.  For me it's not about just scheduling each day, but celebrating each day!

At this point I already have next month mapped out because it's going to be BUSY.  My husband and I have an estimated moving date, so next month is filling up with important dates to remember.  If you'd like to purchase the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ find it HERE.  This is also a great time to purchase this beautiful LifePlanner™ because Erin Condren wants to give you guys a 15% discount!  Use the code GETSOCIAL15 before 7/31/17 to start planning for your life!  Please note that this offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Happy planning and remember not to just schedule, but celebrate each day.

**This Post was brought to you by Erin Condren.  All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How I Have A Good Morning

My Mornings start at 5am and on some days, a few minutes before.  Let me just say--it's not easy.  First of all I am NOT a morning person and second I just don't like having to be up so early.  But hey, a woman has to work, so I don't have a choice.  At this time I've chosen an earlier work schedule so that my husband and I can commute to work together about an hour and fifteen minutes away.  It works out because we are off earlier around the same time and are able to fit some gym time in.  Let's just say I will be a happy woman once we finally move to our new city, but until then, as they say-- "You gotta do what you gotta do."  In a perfect world, everyday would be easy to wake up bright and cheery, have breakfast, a latte, be dressed to kill everyday for work--but let's be real--sometimes I wake up and only have about 30 minutes to get it all together.  Most of the time, I'm eating breakfast on the go (If any at all), and almost everyday I'm not wearing any makeup until mid morning ( I apply my makeup at work). 

Starting the day super early can be hectic or stressful if you let it.  Here are a few ways I'm able to curve my morning grouch, walk out the door in a good mood, and ready to take on my work day.


I really cannot stress  how important this is.  Especially if you have a tight schedule like I do.  I seriously don't have time to think about what I'm going to wear to work the morning of, no time to spend sipping coffee or tea in the kitchen wondering what's for breakfast.  I have to be a few steps ahead already knowing what is taking place that morning.  I normally plan the night of or even a few days before.  I plan/prep my meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner the Sunday before the week.  I haven't been really consistent with this but outfit prep is a good idea also. 

I like to make sure my work and gym bag are all prepared as well as my hair (normally a low bun).  That way once that alarm hits, I'm literally grabbing and going.  Preparation is the most important key to having a good morning because you aren't rushing.  And Lord knows when I'm rushing I'm in an irritable mood.  Don't even do it to yourself sis, go ahead and prepare everything the night before to make it easier on yourself.

Wake up With Gratitude

I use to have a habit of waking up (already grouchy of course because--I'm not a morning person, lol) and maybe discussing things with my husband that happened during the day before that irritated me.  I've learned to ditch that.  It only causes stress and increases irritability even more.  It may not be wise to talk business or work related issues when you're still blurry eyed and groggy.  I've learned to start each day with a thankful heart and clean mindset.  I do this by praying.  Thanking God for another day of life and good health.  Thanking him for allowing me to see another day.  Expressing appreciation for all the good and positive things he has done in my life and everything that I believe by faith that he is going to do.  I ask him to shift my focus and mindset.  When I do that, I realize that important matters can be discussed later in the morning.  Waking up with gratitude puts me in a better head space and mood to leave my home with a positive attitude.  In my opinion, we need that every morning.

Eat Breakfast

And I'm not talking about scarfing down a bunch of pork and potatoes.  Eat fresh!  My body responds better to fruits, vegetables, and water early in the morning.  I try not to eat foods that will leave me feeling weighed down and with the Itis by mid morning, so I ditch the sugar packed foods and have oatmeal with fresh berries instead.  This will give me the energy I need and hold me over for a few hours.  I also love eating sliced avocado, seasoned with a side of fruit.  After I have a few cups of water also.  Eating puts me in a good mood already so fueling up on breakfast makes for an even better attitude and overall a better morning. 

Start Fresh

Each day is an opportunity to start new.  To start fresh.  I'm trying to make it a habit not to carry over yesterday's stress into a new day.  Some challenges, I've learned, whether it be at work or personal, can't be resolved in a day, and that's fine.  But when you go back to the issue with a clear and fresh mindset after a good night's rest may help to see a different perspective and ultimately resolve the problem.  This seems to happen with me at work.  There will be a point where I am trying to complete a reconciliation for a certain account and if my totals are off, of course I need to find the money, lol.  Anywho, sometimes it can be a simple miscalculation.  Maybe a total amount was entered in my spreadsheet incorrectly.  Maybe there is a number that has been transposed.  I can't even tell you how many times I have combed through data day by day in a sea of numbers to figure out the problem.  I've learned that sitting and looking at a computer screen for 3 or 4 hours may not solve it.  Most times I'm able to reconcile a discrepancy by stepping away from the project for a little and then coming back to it.  My response when I find the solution "It's RIGHT THERE!  How could I have missed it?"  Looking too hard hun, lol.  All in all a new day is a fresh start.  Tackle any challenges with a new mindset.  Don't think about how yesterday went.  Just take one step at a time that day.

Roll With The Punches

When you live long enough you understand that everyday won't be perfect.  I've locked my keys in the car, have had flat tires, woke up late, gotten traffic tickets-- I mean the list can go on.  This is what life is all about.  Of course we want to always prep for emergencies, but sometimes the inevitable just happens.  That's what we would  I've learned to just roll with the punches.  Okay, yeah so you locked your keys in the car, which will cause you to be late for work.  Okay.  We can call a locksmith to get them out.  You'll get to the job that you will still have and make it home that evening and life will go on.  There may be something else and it may not be the last time something happens that slows up your morning.  In the past year I have really adopted my parents' mantra of living life 'Stress Free'.  I'm not going to spin my wheels worrying about ish that is beyond my control.  GIRL.  I am a grown woman with too much to do!  I don't have time to make myself sick (because that's what stress will do!) worrying about the uncontrollable.  I'll handle whatever as it comes.  Upset for a moment, disappointed for a time, but I won't let any challenge or small nuances take over my life.  When I tell you I don't have the time...believe me I don't.

And this is how I have a great morning guys.  I do what I can with the right attitude by the grace of God and boom..I'm out the door!  If I'm doing really good, I'll even treat myself to a yummy latte at a local coffee shop downtown.  Hopefully these small tips can help you out.  Just my thoughts!  Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What's In My Bag | Kate Spade

Hey Beauties!  Recently I downsized my Everyday/Work bag to a cute cross body by Kate Spade.  Since then, I get tons of compliments every single time I wear it.  Seeing how everyone loves this style I decided to to a 'What's in My Bag' video on YouTube!  You'll get to watch me go on and on about random items I keep with me from day to day.  

I purchased this bag via Kate Spade.  While I believe it is sold out there, I found it over on, if you're interested.   Just click the highlighted links to get additional information.   The style of this bag is the 'Grey Street Dominique' in black.  I decided on this particular bag because I really needed a quality classic bag and one that was not too big.  What I love is that it's just a classic bag as well as the gold hardware and dual handbag straps.  My favorite aspect of the bag has to be the removable, adjustable body strap.  I definitely helps so much when you want to be hands free while you're out and about or SHOPPING, lol.

I have been carrying this bag with me DAILY since I purchased it.  I'm surprised I've lasted this long with having it as a work bag.  Normally I go for something larger so that I can fit my planner and document holder in it.  Needless to say this was a definite change and I had to downsize items like my wallet and utilize my phone for notes and planning.  Regardless of the changes, this bag is my fave.

Enjoy the video and if you haven't already, be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my channel. 


Friday, April 7, 2017

My Life Around Town | Fruitive At Hilton THE MAIN

One thing I'm really big on is how I spend my down time.  I normally have long work days throughout the week due to an hour long commute to and from work (hopefully this will change SOON).  If I don't go home right away after work I'm getting home later in the evening and late nights quickly turn to early mornings.

With all of the driving, early mornings, hustle, and spending time inside of a cubicle for eight hours each day, I value my weekends and any time that I have off.  Getting out and doing things that I really enjoy definitely gives me the balance that I need and literally puts back so much LIFE into my spirit!

I spent this particular day in one of my favorite places in the Hampton Roads area:  Downtown Norfolk.  The last agency I worked with professionally was in the heart of downtown Norfolk and I loved every last minute of it.  I'm such a city girl, so being in walking distance of the mall, a variety of restaurants, and cute coffee shops was right up my alley.

Since then, a new hotel-- Hilton Norfolk The MAIN was built and recently opened.  I decided to go on down and take a little tour and grab a bite to eat at Fruitive--a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that offers Cold-pressed Juices & Plant-Based foods.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I will have days where I will go meatless.  This day was definitely the day.  On top of that the other Fruitive location is further out in Virginia Beach so only having to drive 30 mins verses 50 gave me the excuse I needed to get back down to Norfolk!

Fruitive's menu has so many great items and since I had been to this restaurant at a different location I was very familiar with all the fresh, clean, and GREEN foods it had to offer.  I decided to get the Collard Southwestern tacos with strawberry infused water.  I love the food at Fruitive.  Everything is made fresh and I love that the customer service was on point.  That panini up there belonged to my sister.  

I'm someone that's also really big on experience and part of the experience is the ambiance and aesthetic of where I'm dinning.  I have to take photos of everything including my food.  The fact that there were the marble countertops, artwork hung throughout the hotel (Fruitive sits in the heart of the lobby floor of the hotel) and boutique music being played throughout the area, put the dining experience on another level.  It made for a very chic, feel good afternoon lunch.  I highly suggest this place if your looking for a healthy lunch or breakfast to really jump start your day.

This weekend will  probably include doing something similar to what you see here.  I'll be starting the weekend off in Charlottsville, VA for some blog work and then back to the 757.  What are you guys up to this weekend?  Happy Friday!

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