Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beauty Box 5

Being the beauty collector that I am, I think it's safe to say that you all know I love trying out new products.  With receiving the Beauty Box five just a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited about sharing all the details here on Styled Chic with you all.  I think the Beauty Box 5 is a great way to try out samples of products to see what you like and expose you to something new!  I also love that it's only $12 a month! A great price seeing how you may spend more then that a month in beauty products already.

What You Get:

Every month you are sent a mix of makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products.  You'll receive luxury, drugstore, niche, eco-conscious, and even vegan brands.   You also get deluxe samples and full-sized products for a FRACTION of their cost.

What's In My Box:

1.  Vita Bath Body wash | Retail: $7.95 12 fl oz

This wash is free of  propylene glycol, mineral oils and silicone.  What I love about it is the yummy smell and that it doesn't take much to create a lather.  I think I'd definitely purchase this in the future simply because it's paraben free and I'm leaning towards a more holistic beauty lifestyle!

2.  Nicka K New York Nail Color | Retail $4.99 0.5 fl oz

It is said that this polish goes on smooth and offers long-wear coverage that doesn't chip.  I haven't tried it yet, but a friend on Instagram told me that it's long lasting and has no streaking!

3.  Organix Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner | Retail  $7.99 13 oz

What I like is that it's sulfate free.  A plus on my list.  I actually used it last night on my scalp and it felt really refreshing.  I had a bit of build up on my edges from using gel throughout the week so this actually worked great to really cleanse my scalp. 

4.  Glam Natural Mascara | Retail $28.   0.25oz

Okay so I've used this mascara all week and I LOVE it!  I'm all about lash separation which it does, but it also gives my lashes a bit of fluff or fullness, if that makes sense.  Not to mention this mascara is gluten free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic.  Vegan friendly!

5.  Eslor Introductory Collection Calming Kit | Retail $28-6 2fl oz

The box actually gave me a soothing refiner & cleanser, replenishing scrub, comforting mask, and soothing cream.  I haven't tried this yet just because I am uber particular about what goes on my skin (facial).  However, these products are paraben free so I may give them a whirl.  It sounds promising so I'll give you all an update later.

What I think:

So if you are into trying out beauty products I say the $12 is well worth it.  Especially since you are receiving several items.  I also think it's an added bonus if you are a bit health conscious like I am and want to find great alternatives to your regular drug store products that you probably would have never known about outside of the box.  It's a good deal girls.  Visit the Beauty Box 5 website to discover more!  

*This is a sponsored post for Beauty Box 5.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Bucket Bag

Photo via: Pinterest

 Photo via: Pinterest
How's it going on this lovely afternoon?  Well I for one am GLAD it is the middle of the week and we are almost to our destination of the weekend!  Almost every day I am inspired by beautiful things.  It could be the beautiful clear blue sky, the trees, flowers, fashion news that I receive daily through my mobile Flipboard account, or a random beauty mag that I buy at the grocery store.  I'm always inspired by something that normally translates into a blog post for you all.
Today I was skimming through a few accessories that I bookmarked online and realized that I am totally in love with the Bucket Bag!  Now, these aren't your mom's bucket bags from 1982.  Designers have updated the look, giving us an ode to the past but modern and chic enough to tote today in 2014! 
I must admit, I was never a big fan of this style of bag in the past.  I  mean, I can remember as a child being so annoyed with the straps being pulled just a tad too tight.  Then having to pry open the bag just to get my tube of lip gloss.  Eh.  No thank you.  But today's version looks so simple and easily accessible!
  These babies can get a little pricey, so here are my picks from Old Navy, Mango, and Target:
The Bucket Bag

So what do you think?  Are you with it or not?


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Currently Chic: Rompers & Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits & Rompers for Summer

So I think I've mentioned before that I've been completely over the moon for rompers and jumpsuits this Summer!  I think they are just the absolute easiest outfit to throw on.  Definitely the Styled Chic formula to effortless style.  While doing a bit of web browsing I came across these cute pieces and thought I'd share them with you gals.  What I love about these one piece wonders are the beautiful colors and prints!  Summer is all about fun colors, so get out of your comfort zone and add more color to your look.  The colors will definitely put you in a pleasant mood and the print is so chic!  Another added plus about wearing jumpsuits and rompers is that they flatter just about every figure!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Orange Sweater Tank: H&M | White Jeans: F21 | Converse Shoes | Tan Bag: Aldo|
Sunglasses: F21

Let me tell you guys.  As much as I love to dress up in heels, I love just throwing on a pair of Converse and my favorite pair of jeans.  Today I'm downtown doing a bit of shopping and catching up with my best girl--my younger sister!  I enjoy my weekends to have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.  Living in the moment, being care free, and chill is always the motive.  Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rimmel London's 'Scandal Eyes- Retro Glam

So I'm going to take you sort of behind the scenes with this outfit of the day look.  Normally when I know that I'm going to be photographed I tend to go a little more dramatic with my makeup, especially on the eyes.   If you know just a little about photography than you'd know that this is necessary in order for certain features to "show up" on camera.  Otherwise you'd look washed out.   Now for me, I like to do more of a neutral eye when it comes to eye shadows.  I normally  play up my lashes by using eyeliner and mascara to enhance my eyes.  Today I actually went with Rimmel London's 'Scandal Eyes- Retro Glam'!  

This mascara promises to give a bold, wide-eyed look with no clumps.  You use the hour-glass brush shaped to the lash line to plump lashes, fanning them up and out for bold, wide-eyed volume.  It also
coats the lashes individually for a big, false lash look in one simple stroke.  The mascara retails for $5.99, which is a great bargin if you are looking for a more budget friendly beauty item.  I normally look for a mascara to lengthen my lashes since my own are hardly noticeable with out it.  I'm pretty pleased with my results!  

This product definitely gives a natural yet glamorous look.  I normally tend to go with a dark brown color to match my own lashes.  This product actually came to me in Extreme Black.  I thought it would be too strong of a look, but because of the photos and lighting the color actually worked out perfectly.  I love keeping my options open or at least I like having a few 'Go- To' products just in case I am not able to restock my favorite beauty product.  This mascara will definitely be added to my list of must haves.  I loved the way the formula separated and lengthen my lashes.  

Floral Romper: Nasty Gal (Sold Out) | Earrings: The Limited 

A simple and fresh face to compliment my floral romper!  It's great for Summer and I love it because the material is so lightweight that you are still able to to stay cool.  Have you tried Rimmel's 'Scandal Eyes' mascara?  You can find this product at any local drug store and Target!

*This is a Sponsored post for  All opinions and views are my own.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Natural Hair Diaries: The Braided Bun


I think it's safe to say that at some point EVERY women gets tired of her current hairstyle and just wants a change.  I definitely needed one pretty badly with my own mane.  Don't get me wrong, I love my natural hair, but as you know from previous posts I can get VERY tired with doing twist or braidouts every other night.  Now this particular style here is not too far out of my "box", but I do consider it different since I added  some hair to give it a little more of that "something".  Listen I haven't worn a weave in quite some time and I was clueless when I walked into the beauty supply store to purchase a pack of kanekalon hair.  It's been a loooong time!

Actually, this style is a result of another up do that I did for a wedding that I was recently in.  I decided to make it less formal by ditching the sort of "Goddess" braid that I had as a side bang and just created this braided bun!
I used one pack of the kanekalon hair I purchased and simply split the hair in two with a rubber band and created 2 large two strand braids.

I used a hair tie, water to dampen my hair, Beautiful Textures Moisture butter, and Eco Styling gel on my edges to create a sleek bun.  From there I just wrapped the faux hair around my bun and used bobby pins to secure the braid down.  Oh, and I also tied a satin scarf around my hair to lay my edges.  Took about 15 minutes tops!  Super easy.  This is very much of a protective style and I actually wore it for a full week.

What do you guys think?  This will definitely be my go to style when I run out of other options.  Perfect for the warm weather and easy to do!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

International Natural Hair Meetup Day-DMV Edition

A couple weeks ago, I traveled  to Alexandria, VA along with my sister to attend International Natural Hair Meetup Day!  This day is an annual one-day event.  The purpose of the event is to allow women in the same community the chance to share information, inspiration, techniques, tips, and products to aid women in their natural hair journey.

My sister and I actually spent the entire weekend in Alexandria and had such a great time at the event.  Our meetup day was presented by Koils by Nature and  featured a wonderful line up of blogger panelist such as Bag Ladies, Jouelzy, Chary Jay, Angela Walker, and Sisters with Beauty.

We received  swag bags full of great products and samples including full sized products from Koils by Nature!  If you follow me on Instagram you were able to see photos that I shot while there.  Unfortunately photos from my camera were deleted, but I did manage to get a few shots to show you courtesy of the Koils by Nature Facebook page!

I ran into Angela Walker, creator of The Naturalista Hair Show that I'll be apart of this year!  Great times!  What's also cool is that we were featured on!  Check us out!

There were so many great vendors set up for the event and I am totally kicking myself for not grabbing a few more items that I saw!  Did any of my curly heads attend INHMD this year?  If so, where did you attend?

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