Wednesday, April 23, 2014

M.A.C's Cremesheen Glass: Double Dare

Don't you just love it when you find something in your makeup stash that you completely forgot about?  I think this is why I've been trying to curb my spending habits when it comes to makeup.  I have tons of lipsticks, glosses, and stains that I haven't even worn yet!  This week I pulled an oldie out of my stash.  Since the weather has been a little brighter I opted for this beautiful coral-red shade.  It's Mac's Cremesheen Glass in a color called 'Double Dare'.  You can definitely wear it alone or layer it with another pink shade to add more color.  I actually wore this on top of my Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 'Elusive'.  

What I love about this lip glass is that it goes on smoothly and is so creamy and not sticky!  That's one thing that can be annoying about some glosses, but I had absolutely no problems with that with this one.  The lip glass pretty much lasted me all day and the only time I re-applied was after lunch!  It's safe to say I'll be wearing this color a whole lot more for the rest of the Spring and Summer.  I really like how the shade goes with my skin tone and blends easily.  I need to shop my lipstick stash more often.  There are so many times we buy so many different colors and don't get the chance to really enjoy or even wear any of them!  This is a definite new staple!  You can purchase this color at your local MAC counter or purchase it online HERE.  Until next time ladies!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Inspiration


Images via {Pinterest} & @Styledchic_ {Instagram}

Happy Monday!  Here's a bit of inspiration to get you through your afternoon!  This weekend was pretty busy for me.  I styled my younger sister for her first album shoot on Saturday! Yes I am a personal stylist as well as a blogger.  If you have any inquires contact me by email at Anyhow, it was so much fun!  If you follow me on Instagram you got to see a few snapshots of her makeup that was done by a very talented artist.  Click on my Instagram widget in the upper right corner under the "Meet Me" writing and you can see how she looked! 
I also was able to check out a potential wedding venue for my husband and I's 2015 wedding date (Last Photo).  To my surprise there was actually a wedding reception about to take place and I was able to view the venue at it's fullest potential!  Everyone was very helpful and provided me with tons of information.  It was so gorgeous!  Remember I shared with you all that we will be having a more formal ceremony in December of next year that our extended family and friends will be a part of.  Beginning the process of looking at venues and starting to plan is getting me excited all over again! 

Today, I have been inspired to continue to strive for excellence, something my mom use to tell me everyday as I left for school in the mornings as a child and teenager.  I'm the type of person who believes in quality over quantity.  No matter how much money you make or what you do there are always ways to enhance experiences and your surroundings in life.  Never the woman to think I was better than, but I always knew  the type of things I liked and the type of life I wanted to live.  That's why I strive everyday to better myself inside and out and pursue my ultimate dreams.  Hopefully you can get a sense of that here on my blog.  Today I say no to mediocrity and yes to striving for excellence, in all things!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Blush + Cream + Nude

Blush + Cream + Nude

I am so very in love with blush pink this spring!  It's so feminine and demure that when paired with nudes or creams you just exude soft sophistication and effortless style.  I can be a minimal fashionista at times.  Meaning I can take one statement piece like the blush H&M blazer and pair it with simple dainty jewelry and skinny jeans. Simple yet chic.  I also love stubble sexiness, like taking the lace bralette and wearing under a tank, allowing it to sort of 'peek' through the blouse.  Any color palettes you girls loving this season?  What are your favorite pairs?

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Florals For Spring

Floral Blouse: Urban Philosphy || Boyfriend Jeans: H&M || Accessories: F21
Happy Friday! 
 Can you guys tell that I love floral?  If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably have gotten the hint since I post fresh flowers A LOT.  So of course florals have made their way into my Spring wardrobe.  This blouse from Urban Philosphy is actually perfect for Spring because it's very light weight and the fabric is sheer. 
The color pallette of the flowers are actually some of my favorite hues so it was easy to pair with a pretty red pout.  Today's such a gorgeous day!  Are you taking advantage of the beautiful weather we are FINALLY experiencing??  I'm wearing the blouse with my boyfriend jeans again--it's just easy and laid back, but I'm most likely going to mix and match it with other items I have in my closet!
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Minimal Makeup

I think I've mentioned to you all before that throughout the week I like to wear less makeup,  if any at all.  As much as I would like to wear a bear face, when working I like to feel a bit more polished, so I opt for a minimum face of makeup. I've done an 'Everyday Makeup' Post before, explaining details of what I use, but I think that is more of a no makeup makeup look, especially for a photoshoot day.  Here I do even less.
This face actually only takes me about 25 minutes to complete.  The key here is definitely having a light hand and blending well.  My first step in creating this minimal look is making sure my face is set and well moisturized.  I apply moisturizer and MAC's Natural Radiance (you can find that post a few clicks back).  While I allow that to set into my skin I apply my brows.  For me this is the foundation.  I make sure my brows are well defined and precise, but not too over done.  Natural is the look we are going for, so for a minimal makeup day I save the highlighting (applying extra concealer under the brow) for the weekends or special occasions.  I use my Spoolie to 'comb' out the hairs and my Rimmel eyeliner to lightly fill them in.  I then take my MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 45 to create the precision that I like.  My eyes aren't too high of a priority since again, this is a minimal look, so I fore go any shadow.  I only apply my Revlon Lash Potion (about two coats) to my eyes.
To create an 'Awake' look I apply a bit of my MAC Studio Finish Concealer under my eyes and blend out.
As far as foundation goes, I only apply it to dark spots.  I use it as a concealer, normally on my jawline.  The trick here is that you want coverage, but I like for my own skin to show through.  This is why I only use to on dark spots.  Once I finish the cheeks I grab my Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in 'Dark' and lightly apply to the other parts of my face.  Again, I am  very careful to BLEND BLEND BLEND.  It's so important,especially if you want the minimal look.
After this, I go ahead and apply my favorite blush 'Razin' by MAC.  This gives me a sort of naturally glowy look.  For me blush puts life back into my face and creates a beautiful contour that I love.  Finally, I apply my favorite lipstick of the moment: Revlon's Color Burst Matte Balm in 'Elusive'.  I stocked up on these a few weeks back!  It's the perfect natural pink and feels creamy when I apply it.  I also love that it feels velvety soft going on and is very pigmented.  My lip colors normally vary, but for simple days I go with several different colored pinks.
And there I am--ready and out the door!  Even managed a couple of minutes to prepare breakfast!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


For me, a beautiful statement necklace is always great to have in my jewelry stash.  I'm sure you've had just one of those days where you're a bit short on time and not much thought can go into styling an outfit.  Normally I throw on a pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt or sweater and a great statement necklace.  Here I chose to pair them with simple earrings in the same earthy green color to keep balance and consistency.
What I love about this necklace is that it's beaded and the intertwined links create a unique pattern that is so interesting to me.  I kept everything else easy by wearing these boyfriend jeans that I practically live in, white breezy sweater and a pair of peep toed booties.  I love the way you can definitely dress this piece up or down.  Since it was a relaxed weekend, I didn't want to do to much.

Necklace: c/o Fly and Fierce online Boutique | Earrings: Walmart | Sweater: Forever 21| Boyfriend Jeans: H&M | Kacie Peep Toe Bootie: Target |Tan Clutch: Gifted

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Monday, April 7, 2014

What's In My Bag: Work Style

Happy Monday everyone!  Because it's the start of the work week I wanted to share with you all what's in my work bag.  I placed in emphasis on 'work bag' simply because during the week I have way more going on and tend to carry more items than I normally would on a weekend trip to the grocery store or while running errands out of leisure.  Most items I need, but some are probably unnecessary to be toting around.  I mean I've got like four different lipsticks shown in the photo above!  But hey, a lady must have options!

Any who, let me give you a little run down of what's in my bag, starting from the corner left and continuing counter clockwise:

  • Bag: H&M | It's important for me to carry a large enough hand bag that will fit everything.  Especially my Monthly/Daily planner and note book!  You should have seen me try to cram them into my everyday bag (I blogged about that HERE).  I've also kind of been obsessed with black and white bags.  I featured them in quite a few of my outfit compilations.  It's spring so I needed a color pick me up.  This will go with pretty much everything!
  • Pink Hair Pick |  Just in case I need to touch up my hair.
  • Express & Sephora Gift Cards | I carry them always!  I received these as Christmas gifts and haven't spent them yet!  Old gift cards come in handy once the seasons change.  I'm looking forward to adding a few more Spring additions to my arsenal of beauty and style stashes!
  • Mini Makeup pouch | I purchased this from Target for only $1!  The one thing I hate is to have to dump my whole bag trying to find lipsticks and glosses.  I like to keep them here along with chap stick, lip liners, my NYX oil  blotting tissues, and any other feminine hygiene products.
  • Sunglasses: Target | Sometimes I try to be cool and fashionable, but most of the time if I'm wearing these; I'm blocking the sun and wind from my sensitive eyes since I have allergies.  Without these my eyes would be a mess.  I also wear contacts, so the last thing I need is the elements drying my eyes out.
  • Styled Chic Business cards |  These are always in my bag as well.  I always run into someone whether it be at work, on the street, or in the mall who says "Oh!  I like your hair!  What do you do?"  I hand them a card, lol.   Sometimes time won't permit me to have a lengthy convo, so I refer them to my blog.  Business cards are just great to have in general.  It's a professional way of putting out who you are and what you do.

  • Planner & Note Pad |  I write everything down!  Well at least the important stuff.  This helps me a lot with different events, keeping track of dates, and taking notes.  For the past two months I've been in a different location for work.  With learning a new job and being in a different office, it's important for me to be organized and keep track of pretty much everything.
  • Bath & Body Lotion in Cucumber Melon |  I'm a bit of a germaphobe, therefore I wash my hands A LOT, so in turn my hands are always dry!  This helps to keep them moisturized and must I add, the scent is WONDERFUL!
  • Cell Phone & Wallet |  Who can leave home without these??
  • Cell Phone Headphones |  Just in case I want to listen to a few tunes throughout the day without disturbing anyone.
So, that's about it in a nut shell.  I really try to stay organized throughout the week because things can get pretty busy.  What's in your work bag?

Stay Chic,


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