Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Happy Birthday Indeed

Today is such a special day for me..It's my BIRTHDAY!! Not just any birthday.  On this day I turn the big 3-0!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be exiting one chapter..my twenties and entering into a fresh new era of my "flirty" thirties!  There are so many goals that I had 10 years ago that I'm proud to say that I've achieved and I'm at such a great place in my life that I can't do anything else but thank God!  10 years ago, I relocated from my home state of California to Virginia.  While here in Virginia, I obtained my degree in Business Administration, met the love of my life, got married, and began to follow one of my passions professionally as a fashion, beauty, and hair blogger!  

I am so thankful for my family and close friends (including my co-workers of the past 6 years) who have always been so supportive of me.  There for me emotionally, mentally, and physically..and just a strong support system.  I am so proud of the woman I have become.  Through my ups and downs, ins and outs I've always seemed to have come out on top!

We are at the cusp of autumn and you guys know I've been no stranger to the romper this season.  This darling little number is a great mix of another transitional piece with the cut and style.  Something you can pair with suede booties and floppy hat as I've done here.  So fun and cute!

Romper: Darling Dispositions (Sold Out ) | Floppy Hat: Express | Suede Booties: Nine West (Old) | Necklace: F21

As I say goodbye to my twenties, I say hello to a fresh start and a different state of mind.  Cheers to a new beginning and continued success personally and professionally.  I'm proud of who I am and confident in where I'm going!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chic Reads | #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Here's a chic little read that I know my fashionistas would appreciate: #GIRLBOSS by Sohpia Amoruso.  I'm sure some of you have probably already seen this book floating around on your Instagram feeds.  I picked this book up recently and just couldn't put it down!  I read in two days and I absolutely love it.

First off, some of you may be wondering who in the heck is Sophia Amoruso?

She is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal online clothing store.  She turned her hobby of selling vintage clothing on eBay into Nasty Gal, which was named the "fastest growing retailer" by Inc. magazine in 2012.  All this was done in 8 years and the site is now a $100 million plus online fashion retailer with more than 350 employees.

It's not just the success of her business that is inspiring to me, it's her story in where she came from, what she went through, and how she made all this happen that strikes an even deeper cord. Listen, when you go from dumpster diving and shoplifting as a profession to building an honest living as a multi-million dollar CEO..you have my COMPLETE attention, lol.

"Right...but I'm not into fashion.."

You don't have to be "into fashion" to read this book!  It's for everyone.  Especially those that aspire to be more and do more career wise.  Those who are getting into career paths that aren't the "norm" and who want more than just your typical corporate job.  This book is motivation.  It proves that being successful is not about how popular you were in high school or where you went to college (if you even went to college).  Rather, "success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break".

Some of my favorite lines from Girl Boss:

"The straight and narrow is not the only path to success."

Because not everyone can afford to go to college.  Doesn't mean they won't be successful..I know plenty of people who are successful without a college education.  I won't knock it.  You should strive for higher education.  I'm just saying it's not the end all be all.  Even if it takes you more years than others to complete your goal, at least you're doing it.  Don't beat yourself down because your path wasn't like so and so's.  Who cares.  Do what you can to make things happen for yourself.  If you have the talent, the creativity, the skill and work hard there's bound to be one yes out of the many No's.  This is my take from the #Girlboss spirit.

"A #GIRLBOSS knows when to throw punches and when to roll with them."

"You don't get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously.  You've got to show up and own it."

"Treat Your mind like your money; Don't waste it"

Sophia talks about how there's power in how you think.  We control our thoughts and our thoughts control our lives.  I like how Sophia explains that "magical thinking is the alchemy that you can use to visualize and project yourself into the professional and personal life you want".  But not in a hokey poky type of way..in a way that works when you get off your duff and actually do something.  I totally agree when she says that you can end up ignoring  or even losing the positive things in your life by focusing too much on negative.  Focus on the positive things in your life and you'll be shocked at how many positive things start happening.

Guys, I can go on and on with more excerpts from this book, but that would be giving everything completely away!  You have to read this for yourself.

Already read #GirlBoss?? Let me know some of your thoughts down below!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Work Chic

Not only do I love to share with you guys what I love to wear on the weekends or when going out,   it's also important for me to give you a glimpse of my weekday wardrobe because these are the types of clothes that I wear the most.  I work 5 days out of the week in a business casual office setting.  I learned very early in my professional career that it is imperative to have a substantial amount of work clothing.  You not only want to look the part--you also want to be taken seriously.  You can keep things conservative and still look great.  Just be sure to keep the above knee length skirts and skimpy tank tops OUT of the office.  Looking professional is just part of the job.  Fortunately for me, work attire doesn't have to be too stuffy in our office--so I get to have a bit more freedom in what I wear!

All Business
I mean you can't get more professional than a black blazer.  I promise you, you can throw a blazer over almost any outfit to make it look more work appropriate.  I really love the classic cut and wear it all the time.  

Add Denim
I practically LIVE in this button down shirt.  Y'all know I'm all about items I can wear different ways and I have so much fun styling this shirt.  The options are endless.  I love how it brings a preppy yet chic aspect to the outfit!

Statement Jewelry
This type of jewelry should definitely be apart of your work wear.  You can literally pair a statement necklace with any plain outfit and make it look like something.  It's just an easy, easy way to make it look like you tried, lol!

White pants
It's Summer!  Make it fun!  Besides, labor day is almost here, lol.  Better wear that Summer white while you can.  I just love to incorporate all of my clothes into everyday wear.  I've been wearing these pants all Summer long!!

Add Prints
I wanted to add a little something something extra so I threw on these snake skin sandals that I just love!!  Adding a chic print to an outfit sets you apart and helps you to stand out as an individual with your style!
A great bag
Because you are going to need something big and sturdy enough to tote most of your day to day necessities--this includes small note pads and pens.  As much as I'd like to carry a cute little clutch it's just not realistic for my work week.

Black Blazer: Charlotte Russe (Old) | Denim button down shirt: H&M | White Jeans: F21| Statement necklace: H&M | White pants: F21 | Snake Skin sandals: H&M

Lastly,  the biggest thing is to keep things simple!  My mornings start early so I can't afford to spend too much time on what I'm going to wear.  Prep the night before.   Your outfit can make all the difference if you simply iron your clothes.  Don't over complicate things.  You're at work.  You want to be comfortable and wear things that are just easy.

What do you think?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend Inspo

Happy Saturday Bellas!  I really wanted to bring you some weekend inspiration to get you going!  I just love eye candy and some of these things make me feel good when gazing at them.

Pink Peonies

These are like every girl's dream right?  Whenever I'm stressed out, looking at flowers helps pull me out of my funk.  Tranquil and bright colors= a calm lovely spirit!

Statement Necklace

I'm actually wearing something VERY similar today!  The beautiful jewels provides quite the contrast when paired with a chic t-shirt

Sexy Mules

On trend and très très chic!  I just love the simple, yet sexy approach here.

Inspiring Quotes

Keep your motivation, keep pressing, and keep DOING.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wardrobe Building: Shopping for basic tops online

Metalicus Favorites

Whenever there's a season change, I'm almost tempted to say "Everything must GO!" when looking through my wardrobe.  Quickly, I come to my senses as I realize that is one expensive motto to have.  Above everything else, it's always important to have a wardrobe foundation as I've expressed in previous posts.  Being the online shopper that I am, I came across quite a few chic ladies tops online at Metalicus.

Since building a solid foundation for shirts and blouses is the focus here, I've featured six pieces that should be a strong start for you!

1. V Neck Loose Knit

First off the V neck looks great on any body type!  What I love the most is that the loose style is great for everyday wear and that's the goal: To get the most wear out of your clothes.  I'm all about versatility so you can definitely pair this with straight leg jeans or a cute midi skirt!  Oh and how do you like this color?  Olive green is actually one of my favorite colors.  Earth tones compliment most skin tones well.  Pair with a beautiful bordeaux lip shade and you'll definitely be fall ready!

2.  Pierre Scuba Tank

You guys know I love a mean 9 to 5 chic look and this piece will definitely take you to the boardroom AND to happy hour!  The peplum just suites every frame so nicely that I believe this is a staple for every woman's closet.  This would look so cute with a pencil skirt and heels!

3.  The Columbus Crop Tee

A basic top to add to your closet, but what's cool about this tee is that it's trans-seasonal (perfect for now!).  I absolutely love the color!  Not into showing your midriff much?  Partner this with a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans to create a chic balanced look!

4.  Berlin Loose Shirt

This is a bit of a spin on the average collared shirt.  A tip when shopping for a collard shirt is to look for one that balances your face shape!  This will work perfectly into your wardrobe dressed up or down.  With the lovely draped fit I would suggest wearing a pair of your favorite tailored pants.

5.  Powell Slouch Tee

The scoop neck balances oval faces, minimizes curves, and elongates the neck.  This tee would look perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans.  The flare provides a relaxed fit that is perfect for Sunday Brunch or just lounging around the house.

6.  Belin Mesh shirt

Versatility is key ladies! When you shop ask yourself if you can wear the particular items in more ways than one!  This shirt is sheer and loose fitting.  It's perfect for the office with a tailored pant or on the weekend with jeans or even leggings!  Black is flattering on everyone so don't be afraid of this color!

With my six favorites from Metalicus.com, I hope that this serves as a guide for you the next time you go shopping.  Keep your wardrobe foundation strong and you will find putting together daily outfits will be so much easier!

*This post was sponsored by Metalicus.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chic Savings: The Cargo Vest

With Summer coming to a close, I thought I'd go ahead and start incorporating transitional pieces into my wardrobe.  I also couldn't help getting into the 'Back to School' spirit by sporting my new favorite tee and a bit of light layering.  The weather here these last few days have been overcast and humid, so a cargo vest added to this all white outfit is what I went for.  

I've always wanted a cargo vest, but never could find the right style at the right price.  When I recently saw this little baby at H&M with a $15 sticker on it, I just knew that it was meant, lol.  To my surprise when the cashier rang me up it was actually only $9!!  Can we say "Steal!"?!  After my purchase I've been itching to wear it!  To me, it's just a great transition piece from summer to fall.  Overall, this is just a comfortable outfit. 

 I've also been taking advantage of the back to school sales and I encourage you to do so as well.  Check out my white t-shirt "Holy Chic" from Old Navy for just $12!  I'm sure this item will be a pretty popular wear, but I couldn't resist the play on words in relation to Styled Chic : ).

Cargo Vest: H&M (Similar) | 'Holy Chic' T-Shirt: Old Navy | White Jeans: F21 | Snake Skin Shoes: H&M | Gold bracelet: F21 & Darling Dispositions

Monday, August 11, 2014

Refresh & Reset

A new habit I'd like to set in motion, is to make Sundays my refresh/reset day.  I'm sure many of you use Sunday as a day to really relax and de-stress from the week's hustle and bustle.  I think I actually already use this day to unwind.  This is is actually one of the first weekends in a couple months that I've had to just really reflect.  Lately, Saturday and Sunday are jam packed.  Then I wake up Monday morning feeling like I had no real time to just get it together, lol.  This past Sunday was such a beautiful day, not only because of the weather (the sun shined so brightly!), but because I truly got to recollect my thoughts and renew my mind.

Well first, I went to church and received so much spiritually, that it inspired me to want to continue to work on me and really just be the best Samara that I can be.  Normally, it's like that for me when I attend church.  I enjoy going to hear the word and hope to be able to apply my faith to my everyday walk with God.  I think that is so important.  So my reset Sundays actually start off spiritually I guess you can say.  Then when I come  home I try to get things organized, washed, and cooked for the week.  I also set this day aside to wash my hair and pamper my skin as well.

My outfit today totally reflected my mood.  It is said that wearing brighter colors can actually improve or put you in a happier state.  So I chose this bright printed blouse to match how great I felt when I woke up this morning.  Whenever you want to feel good be sure to incorporate bright hues like turquoise, fuchsia, or cobalt blue to get you going.  With such an easy going day I threw on one of my favorite pair of jeans and camel colored mules.

Colorful printed Blouse: Marshalls | Boyfriend Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Old) | Camel colored mules: Target | Tote: ASOS

What do you like to do to "reset" from a busy week?  A spiritual recharge is always great!  Throw in some extra Zs, a facial, and a mani/pedi and I'm totally ready to take on the week!  Hope you ladies  have a fabulous start!

Oh!  And my Hair..I took out my twists and rocked a curly fro! : )


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